How to Create Your Own Amazing Games

The Unity game development ecosystem has revolutionized the game industry. Unity is a powerful rendering engine that can be used create 2D and 3D interactive content (such as 3D animations in real-time, as well as mechanical and architectural visualizations) but it is most noted for its ability to help you create amazing 3D video games.

Get Started with Unity

Here are some basic Unity tutorials series to help you understand not only what Unity can do, but also how to start using the software. This is the perfect opportunity to explore Unity's capabilities, interface, and ease of use. Enjoy.

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5-Step Introduction to Unity

These tutorial videos cover the following topics:

  1. The Basic User Interface & Game Objects - Take a look at the basic Unity interface and the fundamental building block of Unity: Game Objects.

  2. Character Controller & Spawnpoint - Learn how to add a basic character to your game that you can move around using keyboard and mouse input. Also, learn about creating spawnpoints for Game Objects.

  3. Rigidbody & Detonator - Learn how to apply physics to your game objects and create explosions.

  4. Terrain & Skybox - Learn how to create realistic levels.

  5. Audio Mixer, Audio Snapshot & Audio Scripting - Explore Unity's new audio toolset. Learn to make your game sound as good as it looks.

Step 1: Unity User Interface and Game Objects

Take a tour of Unity's basic user interface and learn what a game object is and how to create one.

Step 2: Character Controller and Spawnpoint with Unity

In this video, you will learn how to add a moveable character that can fire a weapon.

What is Spawnpoint?

Spawnpoint is the point where something is generated into a game. Spawnpoint is the point where your object will appear in the video game. It is a common video game term to refer to the location that your player will start in on a level.

Step 3: Rigidbody and Unity's Detonator

Rigidbody and Detonator are items that are specific to Unity.

What is Rigidbody?

Rigidbody is a form of physics that can be applied to a game object so it can interact within your video game. For instance, if you have a ball in the air created and you want the ball to fall to the ground you would apply rigidbody to achieve this. Basically, rigidbody allows your game objects to behave realistically.

What is Unity's Detonator?

Detonator is an add-on package that you can download from Unity's website that gives you the ability to quickly and easily create realistic explosions and manipulate them in great detail. More info on Detonator.

Step 4: Creating Your Levels

Unity Terrain

Terrain is mostly used for developing levels. This video discusses terrain and how to create the landscape/world within your video game. This video will show you how to use the Terrain Toolkit Editor to create your terrain. Here are some instructions for installing the Terrain Toolkit.

Unity Skybox

Using Skybox also helps you design your level. It is an extremely large texture that is used to create the illusion of semi-realistic sky within your game.

Step 5: Audio Mixer, Audio Snapshot, and Audio Scripting

Explore new features introduced in Unity 5, and learn to how to use Unity's audio toolset. Set up audio mixers, groups, views and snapshots. Plus, learn how to manipulate Audio Snapshots using Javascript and Unity's API.

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