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Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 2

Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 2 is a collection of professional Avid plug-ins at an affordable price point. Get the sound you want from a selection of plug-ins that smooth, improve and shape your work. Purchase a license for Tier 2 and receive a code to redeem one of the following Avid plug-ins:

  • Classic Compressors Bundle
  • Focusrite d2/d3
  • Impact
  • JOEMEEK Bundle
  • Moogerfooger Bundle
  • Pro Limiter
  • Pro Multiband Dynamics
  • Pro Subharmonic
  • Pultec Bundle
  • Reel Tape Suite
  • Reverb One
  • Smack!
  • SoundReplacer

Please note: iLok is required for purchase (sold separately). Purchase of this license is valid for the download of a single plug-in from the list above. It does not include all of the plug-ins listed.

Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 2

Classic Compressors Bundle

  • BF-2A tube compressor plug-in's vintage sound delivers incredible warmth and classic compression with the convenience and flexibility that only a software plug-in can offer.
  • BF-3A adds a smoothness and sonic texture that makes sounds jump right out of the mix. Famous for its unique sonic imprint on guitar, piano, vocals and drums.
  • Purple Audio MC77 is meticulously modeled and personally approved by Andrew Roberts of Purple Audio, Inc. It is a spot-on digital replica of Roberts’ acclaimed MC77 Limiting Amplifier.
  • Fairchild 660 and 670 are variable-mu limiters. Variable-mu designs use an unusual form of vacuum tube that is capable of changing its gain dynamically. The Fairchild actually achieves gain reduction through the use of tubes.

Focusrite d2/d3


  • Modeled on the highly acclaimed Red 2 equalizer
  • Six-band, four-band, dual-/single-band, stereo or mono modules
  • EQ curve display supplies visual feedback of parameters
  • Left/right controls can be adjusted independently, then linked to retain the offset
  • Three different mono or stereo modules: 6-band, 4-band, and dual-band/single-band; these versatile configurations provide maximum DSP efficiency
  • The d2 consists of high- and low-pass filters, high- and low-shelving filters, and high-mid and low-mid peaking filters
  • Automation features, including dynamic plug-In automation


  • Modeled on the highly acclaimed Red 3 Dual Compressor/Limiter
  • Two separate Plug-In configurations (Compressor+Limiter and Compressor/Limiter), allowing for maximum efficiency with DSP-powered Pro Tools systems
  • AudioSuite functionality enables fast and convenient file-based processing


  • Console-style mix bus compressor
  • Flexible control set in a familiar layout
  • Supports all Pro Tools multichannel formats
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192 kHz
  • External side-chain input with key listen
  • Photo-realistic gain reduction meter


  • JOEMEEK SC2 Photo Optical Compressor—This plug-in is designed purely as an effects compressor. It changes the clarity, balance, and even rhythmic feel of music, enabling you to give your tracks an undeniable edge.
  • JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer—Joe Meek built custom recording circuits in tiny tobacco tins. One of them was a treble and bass equalizer with a sweepable mid control. This plug-in re-creates that exact equalizer circuit used by Joe in his studio, offering simple controls and incredibly warm, musical results. Try it on mono or stereo tracks.

Moogerfooger Bundle

  • The Moogerfooger Ring Modulator's wide-range carrier oscillator and dual waveform LFO mean motion on rhythm tracks and radical low-fidelity textures.
  • The Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter's envelope follower delivers classic '60s and '70s sounds on bass and electric guitar. Or dial up fat analog for any instrument using the 2-pole/4-pole variable resonance filter.
  • The Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser combines a switchable 6- or 12-stage phaser with a wide-ranging, variable LFO. Start with subtle tremolo or radical modulation effects, then crank the distortion and resonant filters for unbelievable new sounds — all with the signature classic Moog sound.
  • The Moogerfooger Analog Delay is your ideal delay in the digital domain. The designers meticulously modeled every detail of the classic analog design.

Pro Limiter

  • Clean and transparent sound—Sits well in the mix while maintaining tight control over output levels
  • Unique Character knob—Add soft saturation to get more loudness and a higher amount of gain reduction, without the unwanted digital artifacts of standard brick wall limiters
  • True Peak limiting — Pro Limiter limits incoming audio to the True Peak of the signal, to prevent inter-sample peaks that could introduce distortion during encoding or analog conversion
  • BS.1770-3 loudness metering — Pro Limiter complies with the ITU-R BS.1770-3 loudness metering standard, including
  • True Peak, Integrated Loudness, and Loudness Range measurements, and is suitable for both EBU R128 and ATSC
  • A/85 (CALM Act) broadcast workflows
  • Full surround support—Process up to 7.1 surround mixes in up to 192 kHz resolution, with full metering on all channels
  • Front/rear linking mode—Work with surround sound material more easily and link channels for more consistent level management
  • AAX DSP optimized—Pro Limiter handles monster-sized Pro Tools|HDX mixes with ease, delivering exceptional sound quality and DSP efficiency

Pro Multiband Dynamics

  • Apply and control upward and downward compression/expansion individually in four frequency bands—Low, Mid-Low, Mid-High, and High
  • Enable, disable, solo, and/or bypass bands independently
  • Link all band controls together for easy group control
  • Route each frequency band, post-dynamics, through unique Auxiliary Output Stems for additional processing in other tracks
  • Use the included Pro Multiband Splitter plug-in to route each frequency band from the original source signal, without any dynamics processing, to Auxiliary Input tracks for unique band-by-band signal processing
  • Perform advanced techniques by enabling side-chain processing for each band
  • Trigger compression and/or expansion on each frequency band when the signal either goes above or below the set threshold
  • Reduce noise with downward expansion—ideal for post-production dialog where the frequency content of the desired audio is often well-defined
  • Analyze and optimize audio quickly through the easy-to-use FFT-based dynamics interface, featuring controls for Threshold, Depth, Gain, and Frequency on each band (Gain and Threshold handles can be turned off for a cleaner display)
  • Master mixes with up to 7.1 multichannel support
  • Monitor signals easily with gain reduction and output meters by band and by channel

Pro Subharmonic

  • Shape sounds by fine-tuning the frequency content of the synthesized effect using the high and low-pass filters, each with an adjustable cutoff frequency and Q control
  • Create subharmonics from different parts of the signal’s frequency spectrum using the four-way range selector; use the lower settings to add power to kick drums and explosions, and the higher ones to add fatness to bass lines and low-mid instruments
  • Generate cleaner low-end signals—without low-frequency distortion—thanks to the soft saturation feature
  • Get fine control of the range setting using MIDI note input, which acts as “sweet spot auto-aligner” that re-tunes the entire plug-in’s filter chain every time you play a new note
  • Refine sounds to perfection using independent level controls for the Lower Synthesized Band, Upper Synthesized Band, and Direct Bass Band
  • Generate and control subharmonic signals in mono, stereo (L/R), or an LFE (low-frequency effect) channel for multichannel formats, including 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, and 7.1 SDDS
  • Take precision control of the subharmonic generation by turning up or down synthesizer feeds from the Center, Front, and/or Surround output channels when using with multichannel tracks



Compatibility for most Avid Audio Plug-in Tier 2

Pro Tools Requirements

  • Avid-qualified Mac- or Windows-based computer
  • Pro Tools|HD required for TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite plug-ins; Pro Tools, Pro Tools LE, or Pro Tools MP required for RTAS/AudioSuite plug-ins
  • iLok USB Smart Key (sold separately)

Operating System Compatibility

Mac OS X:

  • AAX DSP (32-and 64-bit)
  • AAX Native (32-and 64-bit)
  • TDM HD Accel
  • TDM HD
  • RTAS
  • AudioSuite

Windows 7 and 8:

  • AAX DSP (32-and 64-bit)
  • AAX Native (32-and 64-bit)
  • TDM HD Accel
  • TDM HD
  • RTAS
  • AudioSuite

Windows XP:

  • TDM HD Accel
  • TDM HD
  • RTAS
  • AudioSuite

Please visit the Pro Tools Plug-in Compatibility Grid to verify specific System Requirements for your chosen plug-in.

Pultec Bundle

The Pultec bundle plug-in includes digital equalizers that look, sound and behave like real analog EQs. Pultec equalizers deliver smooth, sweet EQ and an extremely high-quality tube audio signal path. Use them anywhere you'd use the originals—on individual tracks, critical vocals, or across a stereo mix for mastering applications.

Reel Tape Suite

Reel Tape Saturation

  • Bring the warmth and punch of analog tape color and saturation into the digital domain
  • Phase and frequency response characteristics modeled from three types of analog tape machines
  • Saturation effects modeled from two popular tape formulations
  • Control the tape speed effect from 7.5 to 30 ips (inches per second)
  • Noise controls adjust the amount of tape hiss
  • Bias controls simulate the effect of under- or over-biasing the tape machine
  • Cal Adjust control simulates the effect of three common calibration levels

Reel Tape Delay

  • Authentically modeled analog tape echo and delay effects
  • Reproduce the fluctuations in tape speed
  • Adjust delays from 93 ms to 1,486 ms (1-7/8 ips to 30 ips)
  • Feedback control adjusts the amount of delayed output fed back into the input
  • Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
  • Bass and Treble controls in the echo/delay feedback loop allow for subtle to extreme feedback and saturation effects

Reel Tape Flanger

  • Accurately reproduce analog tape machine flanging
  • Adjustable speed control allows for manual flanging and artificial double-tracking effects
  • Feedback control adjusts the amount of flanged output fed back into the input
  • Wow & Flutter controls adjust tape speed fluctuation
  • LFO Rate and Depth settings control the speed and depth of the flanging effect

Reverb One

  • Fine-tune the effect to your liking with independent reverb controls, including level, decay time, attack, spread, room size, diffusion, and pre-delay
  • Add effects quickly and easily through the extensive library of reverb presets
  • Add authenticity to a “room” using early reflection controls, including level, delay, and spread, plus early reflection room presets
  • Shape the reverb decay and optimize reverb effects with dynamics and chorus sections
  • Compatible with Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools, and VENUE family systems


  • Foolproof operation—easily get great results with any kind of audio material
  • Three compression modes—includes a mode for emulating classic electro-optical limiters
  • Unique compression ratios—from subtle compression to hard limiting
  • Harmonic distortion—add subtle analog-sounding distortion
  • Side-chain support—get external or internal side-chain processing and a side-chain EQ
  • Multichannel support—add life to all Pro Tools multichannel track types
  • Full sample rate support—work on sessions at up to 192 kHz sample rates


  • Trigger up to three samples, each set to a threshold zone of your choosing
  • Crossfade or hardshift between samples
  • Adjustable mix slider sets the amount of sample replacement
  • Expand/contract a performance's dynamic range
  • Peak Align option assures phase-accurate alignment

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