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Chaos Cloud

Chaos Cloud is Chaos Group's new rendering service, offering a remote way to render your jobs fast and on the go, using their dedicated cloud machines instead of your own computer's hardware. Chaos Cloud is available for all 3D platforms compatible with V-Ray. Its interface is accessible by a web browser.

Cloud Credits represent computation time on the cloud. By owning credits, your account will be allowed access to the cloud service so you can submit rendering jobs through Chaos Group's cloud renderer.

Rendering in Chaos Cloud is pretty simple and straightforward. All that is required is to have installed the Chaos Cloud Client application, after which you can access Chaos Cloud's web-based interface and submit jobs to it directly from your host 3D software application. Once in the cloud, you are able to monitor the progress of your currently submitted jobs, queue up subsequent jobs, as well as change job settings and resubmit jobs without even opening a scene - right from your phone.



Cloud rendering for everyone

Now, cloud rendering is built right into V-Ray. And it's as easy as pushing a button.
It handles everything for you automatically — from licensing and uploading your scenes to launching virtual machines — so you get your job done fast.


Turn your computer into a supercomputer

What if you could render an animation in the time it takes to render a single frame? Now you can.
With Chaos Cloud, you now have your own personal supercomputer. And it scales with you for any job that comes your way.


Render while you work

Keep creating. Keep designing. Let Chaos Cloud do the rendering so you can keep working.
And you can render multiple jobs at the same time. Because you've got more important things to do than wait.








10000 Credits



20000 Credits



50000 Credits



FAQ's regarding V-Ray cloud can be found on Chaos Group's site here.

Chaos Cloud is compatible with the following:

  • V-Ray Next for 3ds Max
  • V-Ray Next for Maya
  • V-Ray Next for SketchUp
  • V-Ray Next for Rhino
  • V-Ray 3.6 for SketchUp
  • V-Ray 3.6 for Rhino
  • V-Ray 3.6 for Revit
  • V-Ray 3.6 for Modo
  • V-Ray 3.7 for Cinema4D*
  • V-Ray for Houdini beta

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