Extensis Believes in Purposeful Design, Efficiency and the Big Idea

Extensis are experts in font management and digital assest management software. The company's products focus on easy-to-use solutions for protecting and making efficient use of your digital assets. Extensis helps creativity happen. It is responsible for developing and manufacturing products that make it easier to catalog and maintain vast stores of information. The best software solutions are smart and elegant. Extensis excels at providing both.

Extensis FontDoctor 10


Extensis Suitcase Fusion 8

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Extensis Universal Type Server Enterprise


Extensis Universal Type Server Professional Edition


Extensis is based in Portland, Oregon. It's expertise is built on a tradition of servicing the creative, print and publishing software industry for over 20 years. 100% of Extensis development is in-sourced, meaning the company's software engineers work side by side with company executives in Portland. However, this hasn't kept the company's innovative software solutions from making a difference around the world. Extensis has been integrated in businesses across 5 different continents and its technical support offers 24/7 coverage for offices in the US, UK, France, Germany and Australia.