Save Time, Enhance Learning and Improve Communication

HoverCam software and document cameras combine features of a digital camera and a scanner to form a whole new way of capturing and presenting content. HoverCam products are used in over 100,00 North American classrooms and counting. This company believes education should be a highly engaging and interactive process that should continue to benefit from affordable technology for the classroom.

HoverCam Mini 5


HoverCam Solo 5


HoverCam Solo 8 Plus


HoverCam T5 Scanner and Document Camera


HoverCam Ultra 8


HoverCam Z5


HoverCam AccuScan Tray and Quick Mount Base Bundle


HoverCam AirStation


HoverCam Bumper


HoverCam Extended 5 year limited warranty


HoverCam Microscope Adapter for Neo


HoverCam Microscope Adapter for Solo


HoverCam Microscope Adapter for T-Series


HoverCam Positioning Mat


HoverCam QuickMount Base


HoverCam USB 2.0 Extension 15 FT


HoverCam USB 2.0 Extension 30 FT


HoverCam USB 3.0 Extension 10 FT


HoverCam USB 3.0 Extension 15 FT


HoverCam VersoBoard


Kensington Lock