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IBM SPSS Statistics Base V25 Student Grad Pack

IBM SPSS Statistics Base V25 Student Grad Pack delivers the core capabilities students need to complete the analytical process, from beginning to end. Access, manage and analyze virtually any kind of structured or unstructured data, including survey and web data, and/or information from accessible databases. SPSS Statistics Base includes a range of statistical procedures to help you understand your data and generate reliable results. As a result, non-technical business users and experienced data analysts alike are able to quickly respond to changing needs. Use the included procedures and tests to solve your research challenges and drive better outcomes.

SPSS Statistics Base provides essential capabilities for every step of the analytical process.

Features of IBM SPSS Statistics Base V25 Student Grad Pack

SPSS Statistics Base provides key features for every step of the analytical process. Take a look at some of the industry-leading tools for understanding and managing large, complex datasets.

Analytical Procedures

  • Carry out a wide range of descriptive procedures including: crosstabulations, frequencies, compare means and correlation.
  • Predict numerical outcomes and identify groups using: factor analysis, classification cluster analysis, linear regression, ordinal regression, discriminant analysis and Nearest Neighbor analysis.
  • Automate the prediction of numeric outcomes with the Automatic Linear Modeling (ALM) feature.
  • Integrate, explore and model location and time data through the use of geospatial analytics, including Spatio-Temporal Prediction (STP) and Generalized Spatial Association Rule (GSAR).
  • Apply Monte Carlo simulation techniques to your data to account for uncertainty in predictive models and determine how likely a particular business outcome is when you do not have all of the data.
  • Develop R programs for use with IBM SPSS Statistics using the R Integrated Development Environment.
  • Use SPSS Statistics Base with other modules, such as IBM SPSS Regression and IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, to more accurately identify and analyze complex relationships.

Working with Large Datasets

  • Quickly access, manage and analyze any kind of dataset, including survey data, corporate databases or data downloaded from the web.
  • Deploy analytics faster with access to common data types and external programming languages, including Java and IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence.
  • Sorts and aggregations can be pushed back to the database, where they can be performed faster.
  • Large files can be compressed to save disk space when sorting, improving performance and speeding up analysis.
  • Bulk load data for faster performance when working with very large datasets.

OLAP-based Reporting

  • Distribute and manipulate information for ad hoc decision-making.
  • Create tables, graphs and report cubes that feature unique, award-winning pivoting technology to help uncover new insights in your data.
  • Use multiple formatting options to generate customized presentation-quality reports.

Built-in Time-Saving Tools

  • Identify and eliminate duplicate cases and restructure your data files prior to analysis.
  • Open multiple data sets within a single session to save time and condense steps.
  • Compare two datasets or two data files to identify any discrepancies between them.

Charts and Graphics

  • Create commonly used charts such as SPLOMs (scatterplot matrices), histograms and population pyramids more easily with Chart Builder.
  • Drag and drop variables and elements onto a chart creation canvas and preview the chart as it is being built.
  • Build a chart once, and then use your specifications to create hundreds more just like it.
  • Use pre-built map templates to generate a geographic or demographic analysis that can provide critical information for decision making.
  • Quickly change information and statistics in graphs for new levels of understanding, and convert a table to a graph with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Export output to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, and PDF format.
  • Export output as a web report in HTML5 format for viewing on a range of devices and platforms, including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 smartphones and tablets.

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Please see the Detailed System Requirements for IBM SPSS Statistics Base V25 Student Grad Pack below.

The system requirements for SPSS Statistics Base include operating system and hardware requirements.
Currently, SPSS Statistics Base is available on the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS platforms.

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