The founders of Language Tree Online have served the education market for over 15 years, offering self-paced digital language products to schools, libraries, and homes across the country.

Learning Tree Online's team consists of highly experienced curriculum writers, National Board certified English learner coaches, and dual immersion instructors who ensure lessons are aligned with academic and current ELD content standards.


Individualized Instruction

English learners possess varying degrees of literacy due to different schooling experiences in their home countries.  Each student will also have personal strengths and weaknesses in different literacy areas.  For instance, an English learner may be better able to “produce” language than “receive” it.  Language Tree Online offers in-depth language and literacy assessment modules to help educators determine where each student needs more support.


Language Tree Online modules are aligned with WIDA Criteria for English Language Learners. Language Tree Online curricula are also aligned with the latest California 2012 ELD standards and standards from the ELPA21 Consortium states including Texas, New York and Arizona.

Multi-Sensory Input

Language Tree Online courses are video-based and incorporate audio, text, and images to help ensure concepts are understood.  Video instruction is combined with interactive features such as quizzes, self-recording and writing exercises. By using multiple senses, language learning is better reinforced.


Language Tree Online has a focus on cultural knowledge. This focus seeks to help ELL students better understand and acclimate to the new culture they find themselves in. In doing so, we hope the students will be able to more easily adjust to their new school environment.

Language Tree Online - English Language Development (ELD)


Language Tree Online’s language programs are standards-aligned.  Scaffolded instruction along with engaging visual and audio reinforcement deepen comprehension of new concepts and vocabulary.  Students also see how language is used in the appropriate situational context.  Interactive lessons can be used by students anytime to review and practice on their own.