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LapCabby GoCabby

Part#: GOCAB16/USA

LapCabby GoCabby is a portable storage solution that will charge and sync up to 16 tablets. It is fitted with a telescopic handle, two wheels and four feet - all designed to help you take your devices on tour! This solution is great for use in classrooms and boardrooms. Whether you're on the road or transferring tablets from class to class, you'll have confidence in the security of your devices with GoCabby.

Features of LapCabby GoCabby

The GoCabby is a great solution for those on the go! It stores, charges and simultaneously synchronizes up to 16 tablets, with or without cases, using Cambrionix technology. The intelligent charging system ensures individual devices get the right amount of power, no matter the type of devices. You can store a mixture of tablet types and charging to each individual device will shut off when it's full. Get going with GoCabby!

  • Accommodates tablets in protective foam and Velcro straps, keeping them safe in transit
  • Compatible with any USB powered mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers
  • Easy to install updates ensure you can charge and sync all the latest tablets
  • Telescopic case handle allows easy transportation
  • Case can be closed and locked during charging, as devices will be kept cool by an internal fan
  • Two locks at the top of the case can be secured with padlocks
  • Additional storage space for laptop and other devices
  • Double power socket inside to power a router or charge a laptop
  • Internal network cable for connecting to an access point
  • Cambrionix U16S technology means you can simultaneously synchronize all devices while they are connected
  • Devices of the same type can be synchronized all in one go, saving you time when deploying apps and content
  • iTunes and Apple configurator enables you to sync your apps, media and usable content
  • IEC power cables plug into the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing damage to the unit or any nasty trips
  • Built from scratch with no off the shelf components. We design and mold all of the plastic components, so they are perfect for the job!
  • Delivered fully assembled, with no additional fixtures to pay for or fit
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Number of Devices Can Hold: 16 tablets
  • Unit Dimensions: (W)19 1/8” x (D)15 3/4” x (H)31 1/4"
  • Device Compartment Size: (W)8.76” x (D)1.26” x (H)12.38”

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