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Lead Screw (256mm) & Brass Flange Nut

Makeblock T6 L256mm Lead Screw and Brass Flange Nut Set can be self-locking, it is suitable for high torque requirements of transmission, such as the aixs for 3D printer. The lead screw also can carry larger load than the threaded rod.


  • The lead screw is made of the stainless steel, and the flange nut is made of brass
  • Lead screw diameter: 6mm,  pitch: 2mm, length:256mm
  • Lead screw diameter: 6mm,  pitch: 2mm, length:13mm
  • The set can be self-locking

Part List:

  • 1 × T6 L256mm lead screw
  • 1 × T6 Brass Flange Nut


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