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NI Circuits and Electronics Kit for Secondary and Primary Schools

NI Circuits and Electronics Kit allows users to prototype and analyze their circuit designs in and outside of the classroom. Create and prototype circuits with tools used in Multisim and Ultiboard. Then, test and analyze them with NI myDAQ to optimize your design. This kit is the ideal solution for students and educators to integrate measurement and control hardware, analyze data, publish results, and distribute systems using graphical programming. It's all here, in one kit!

The NI Circuits & Electronics Kit for Primary and Secondary Schools includes:

  • NI myDAQ
  • NI Circuit Design Suite (Multisim & Ultiboard)

Features of NI Circuits and Electronics Kit

  • myDAQ - Designed for hands-on experimentation outside the lab, NI myDAQ combines portability with a comprehensive set of features. NI myDAQ allows for real engineering and, when combined with NI LabVIEW and Multisim, gives students the power to prototype systems and analyze circuits outside of the lecture and lab.
  • Multisim - Multisim equips educators, students, and professionals with the tools to analyze circuit behavior. The intuitive and easy-to-use software platform combines schematic capture and industry-standard SPICE simulation into a single integrated environment. Multisim abstracts the complexities and difficulties of traditional syntax-based simulation, so you no longer need to be an expert in SPICE to simulate and analyze circuits. Multisim is available in two distinct versions to meet the teaching needs of educators or the design needs of professionals.
  • Ultiboard - Ultiboard provides an easy and intuitive platform to design printed circuit boards (PCBs). The flexible Ultiboard design environment offers automated functionality for speed and manual techniques for precise control. With complete integration to NI Multisim, Ultiboard helps you optimize PCB design. Quickly prototype whether for professional designs or academic research.


(Includes NI myDAQ, NI Multisim, & NI Ultiboard) (Perpetual License)


10 Pack

(Includes 10 NI myDAQ Units, 10 NI Multisim & 10 NI Ultiboard Perpetual Licenses)


Site License

(Includes 25 NI myDAQ units, plus a Perpetual Site License of NI Multisim & NI Ultiboard)


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