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NI myDAQ and Circuits 3rd Edition Textbook Bundle - For Students Only with Software Download

(Includes NI myDAQ student hardware only and Circuits 3rd Edition textbook with LabVIEW and Multisim Download) - In stock!

National Instrument's NI myDAQ was designed to give students the ability to work on engineering course work and experiment with projects hands-on anywhere, anytime. The Circuits third edition textbook conveys a set of principles and problem solving techniques for a first course in electrical engineering circuit analysis, and also provides a valuable framework for subsequent studies. The NI myDAQ is a high-quality instrumentation device gives student's the power to prototype systems and test circuits outside of the classroom while improving comprehension with continuous reinforcement.

LabVIEW and Multisim serial #'s can be found inside the back cover of the textbook.

The myDAQ is a single device the has eight commonly used plug-and-play computer-based lab instruments. With NI myDAQ, the computer becomes the an engineering instrument. 

Designed by National Instruments with high-quality Texas Instruments Analog Integrated Circuits (ICs) The hardware system diagram and list of Texas Instruments IC's in the NI myDAQ user guide depicts how TI data converters, amplifiers, and interface and power management circuits were used in the design of NI myDAQ.

Extend the Capabilities with LabVIEW and Multisim. Verify homework solutions with real signals using Multisim for circuit simulation and LabVIEW for automating measurements and performing signal processing.

About the Circuits Textbook: 

Fawwaz T. Ulaby, University of Michigan
Michel M. Maharbiz, University of California, Berkeley
Cynthia Furse, University of Utah

ISBN: 978-1-934891-22-3

Circuits, Third Edition Textbook Highlights

Ten new Technology Briefs (for a total of 32)

Explains how concepts in each chapter are applied in real-world applications and expose students to the far-reaching nature of the electrical engineering discipline
Technology Briefs cover applications in circuits, medicine, the physical world, optics, signals and systems, and more 

RLC circuits (previous Chapter 6) is now split into two separate chapters:

One using time domain (Chapter 6)
The other using the Laplace Transform (Chapter 12)

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