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PCI Geomatica for Students - For Higher Ed Students Only

(One Year License that includes Total Educational Suite and Radar Workstation)

Part#: STU-PCI

PCI Geomatica 2017 is used by scientists and image professionals across industries to access, analyze, and share all types of geospatial data and imagery. This educational suite addresses the increasingly important role of geographic information in many academic disciplines and a fast-growing field of high-tech career options. Add a new dimension to a wide variety of academic studies with this professional-grade software that helps you visualize, research and analyze geographic information. Make geospatial image analysis and data visualization a part of your studies with Geomatica for Students.

Features of PCI Geomatica


Geomatica Total Education suite includes key modules that make it possible to work with satellite, aerial, and radar imagery. Additional included modules include DEM Extraction, Pansharpening, and Ortho Production Toolkit to automate the ortho-mosaicking process.

Geomatica Prime Features:

  • PCI Geomatics Exclusive (GDB) Technology
  • Geomatica Focus viewer
  • Geomatica OrthoEngine for ortho-mosaics
  • Cartographic map production
  • Optical image analysis
  • 3D perspective scene generation & fly-through
  • Interactive spatial analysis tools
  • Radar analysis tools
  • Comprehensive automation environment

Modules Included:

  • Satellite Ortho
    Function models developed to compensate for distortions to produce orthorectified satellite images for high resolution and low resolution sensors.
  • Airphoto Ortho
    These models compensate for the effects of varying terrain and for the distortions inherent to aerial cameras.
  • Radar Ortho
    Models reflect the physical reality of the complete viewing geometry and correct all distortions generated during radar image formation.
  • Ortho Production Toolkit
    The Ortho production toolkit is a complete collection of powerful, automated tools for the orthorectification and mosaicking of aerial photos and satellite imagery including tools.
  • Pansharpening
    Fuse low-resolution multispectral (color) data with high-resolution panchromatic (black and white) data to produce stunning, high-resolution, multispectral imagery.
  • Automatic DEM Extraction
    Create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from stereo air photos, stereo images and RADAR data. Image correlation is used to extract matching pixels in two overlapping images.
  • Object Analyst
    Object Analyst includes an all-in-one interface within Geomatica Focus that is designed to guide you through segmenting your imagery, extracting features, creating training sites, classification (including creating custom rules for classification), reforming shapes, and performing an accuracy assessment.
  • SAR Polarimetry Workstation
    Provides a complete set of tools and applications designed specifically for the processing and analysis of Polarimetric SAR (POLSAR) data, including target analysis.
  • InSAR
    Generate topographic products to characterize digital surface models (DSMs) or deformation products which identify subtle changes in surface elevation due to land subsidence.

Do you qualify?

  • Only Higher Ed Students currently enrolled in a degree granting program at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Faculty members, Academic Institutions and Non-Profit Organizations do not qualify.

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