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PTC Creo University Plus Package

PTC Creo University Plus Package which includes PLMS and the manufacturing Extension uses the same computer-aided design software used by 27,000 of the world's most successful companies in product development, employing over 6,000+ engineers in every engineering degree and discipline. PTC Creo prepares students for employment by providing them with a relevant, modern product development education. Don't compromise between ease-of-use and capabilities. PTC Creo offers you the ability to freely mix-and-match superior capabilities with truly accessible applications, so you can teach students using the right tool at the right time while maintaining a common user interface.

This license of Creo also includes a Manufacturing Extension which means you have a full CAM system for outputting G-Code programs. No need to save and output your design into another CAM system, making it easy and very affordable for education. 

The PLMS (Precision Learning Management System) makes learning Creo easy. 

PTC Creo Product Features:

  • PTC Creo ParametricTM: The essential integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution offering the most robust product design toolset. Ability to create parts, assemblies and drawings.
  • PTC Creo DirectTM:  Easy-to-use, fast, flexible solution that gives users the ability to create and edit 3D CAD data using a direct modeling approach.
  • PTC Creo Elements/Direct®: Fast creation and modification of 3D/2D models by direct manipulation of geometry.
  • PTC Creo SimulateTM: Enables 3D virtual prototyping so you can test a range of structural and thermal properties of your design early in the detailed design process.
  • PTC Creo LayoutTM: Create 2D Conceptual Layouts – Reuse the 2D Layout to Build 3D Models.
  • PTC Creo SchematicsTM: Create 2D schematic designs quickly and easily, enabling complete system documentation regardless of complexity. Includes capabilities for: wiring, piping, and hydraulic schematics.
  • PTC Creo IllustrateTM: Allows you to easily convey complex product and procedures graphically with 3D rich, interactive illustrations, animations. Create visual representations of service parts and kits to increase accuracy. Illustrate dynamic sectioning to present internal assembly components.
  • PTC Creo MCAD ViewTM: Quickly view, interrogate and distribute mechanical CAD models to gain valuable engineering design insight.
  • PTC Creo SketchTM: Available for free download. The easiest and fastest way for more students to contribute their ideas graphically. Capture and share your 2D designs easily and directly leverage the data in other PTC Creo apps.
  • Flexible Modeling: Fast, flexible 3D direct editing within parametric environment. Allows users to easily select and edit a range of geometry and features without losing any design intent.
  • Advanced FrameworkTM: Speeds up and simplifies the creation of bolted or welded metal structures by the addition of powerful dedicated features, dynamic assistant and libraries of components & profiles.
  • Mechanism Dynamics: Simulate and validate the behavior of a mechanism realistically taking into account the mass of its components, forces, inertia, friction, springs, joint reactions.
  • Behavioral Modeling®: Measure how the product design will react to various real-world elements, such as different environmental conditions.
  • Interactive Surface Design: Build free-form geometry at any point in the design, using as many or as few constraints as desired, for maximum design flexibility.
  • Manikin: Insert, customize and manipulate 3D human models in your design standard to validate the ergonomics.
  • Manikin Analysis: Insert accurate human models into your 3D CAD product models and analyze human-product interactions.
  • Advanced Assembly: Manages components and sub-assemblies for top-down design.
  • Advanced Rendering: Quickly create high-quality, photo-realistic product images.
  • Piping and Cabling Design: Virtual prototyping and automated routing of pipes and cables.
  • Tolerance Analysis: Provides fast, seamless geometric tolerance and variation analysis.
  • Complete Machining: Programming machining paths in 5-axis milling, turning, multi-axis turning centers, wire EDM 4 axis, with the use of direct and associative of PTC Creo Parametric models.
  • NC SheetmetalTM: Create, verify and post-process tool paths for turret punch presses and contouring laser/flame machines.
  • CAM Lite: Basic 2 ½-axis milling capability, allowing machining of prismatic parts in 5-axis positioning.
  • Legacy Data Migration: Enables PTC Creo Parametric users to associate 2D drawings to 3D models imported from a 3rd party CAD system. Helps automate the process of mapping and linking the 2D drawings to the 3D model.
  • ECAD-MCAD Collaboration: Provides the necessary tools for a collaborative design in real time between Mechanic CAD (MCAD) and Electronic CAD (ECAD).
  • Spark Analysis: Detect and document the risks of electrical arcing in an electromechanical analysis by 3D games insulation and creepage.
  • Computer-Aided Verification: Allows digital inspections of machined parts and assemblies for quality assurance.
  • Plastic AdvisorTM: Simulates plastic-filling process for injection-molded parts.
  • Expert MoldbaseTM: Simple, process-driven workflow creates automated moldbase design and detailing.
  • Tool Design: Automated parting surface creation and automated splitting make it easy to create complex tooling quickly.
  • Complete Mold Design: Core, cavity and moldbase design capabilities – all in one package.
  • Progressive Die: Enables the rapid and automated creation of cutting tools (tools to follow) to wizards and dynamic libraries of specific components.

Pricing Options with eLearning Extensions:

Lab Pack + eLearning + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 50 Creo Licenses and 50 eLearning Extensions, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4117-FN-


Campus Pack + eLearning + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 500 Creo Licenses and 500 eLearning Extensions, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4118-FN-


Pricing Options without eLearning Extensions:

Lab Pack + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 50 Creo Annual Licenses, No e-learning extensions, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4108-FN-


Campus Pack + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 500 Creo Annual Licenses, No e-learning extensions, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4107-FN-


Pricing Options with Student/Faculty PLMS:

Lab Pack + eLearning + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 50 Creo Annual Licenses and 50 Student/Faculty PLMS, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4111-FN-


Campus Pack + eLearning + Manufacturing Extension

(Includes 500 Creo Annual Licenses and 500 Student/Faculty PLMS, Annual Term License)

Part# SPN-4112-FN-


PLMS stands for Precision Learning Management System.


Precision LMS Key Features:

  • Short, easy to absorb lessons
  • Powerful full text search to quickly locate training on a specific topic
  • Integrated with PTC products through Learning Connector for seamless access to training when you need it
  • Custom learning path wizard to create and assign learning to your students
  • Configuration tool to build a custom course on just the topics that are important to your school
  • Reports to track user activity and progress
  • Assessments, with built in grading
  • Over 3000 hours of content & much more

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