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Pantone® Plus Series Metallic Chips: Coated

The Pantone Metallics Chips book offers six specification chips for each Pantone Metallic color. You get a complete range of 301 chromatically arranged brilliant metallics printed on coated paper. Pantone is the only internationally recognized color communication system. You can specify PANTONE Colors with confidence even if your manufacturing is half a world away.

This product includes a free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, a $49 value, upon product registration with Pantone.

Key Features:

  • Broad palette of 301 colorful metallics
  • Each color identified with a distinct PANTONE Number
  • Six tear–out chips per color
  • PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software for updating PANTONE Colors in popular design applications
  • Includes ColorChecker® Lighting Indicator to aid in lighting evaluation
  • Limited-edition gift box


Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates guesswork in color selection.
  • Chromatic layout makes it easy to locate desired colors.
  • Easy–to–use and portable loose-leaf format.
  • One book allows you to select a color and specify with a chip for accurate communication.
  • Each chip provides a printing standard with colors that bleed for ease and accuracy in checking “on press”.
  • Easy to communicate colors by distinct number or name.
  • PANTONE Colors are internationally recognized for color communication and are globally available
  • System supported by worldwide network of PANTONE Licensed Printing Ink Manufacturers.





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