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Propellerhead Recycle 2.2

Propellerhead Recycle 2.2 is a creative tool that lets you alter tempo, or replace sounds and process sampled loops. Quickly edit sampled parts, chop up riffs, remix and create mash ups. Express yourself and re-imagine sound with this powerful tool from Propellerhead.

Features of Propellerhead Recycle 2.2


ReCycle In Action

  • ReCycle is the smart way to make loops tempo independent
  • ReCycle REX files are sliced into little pieces so that each drum hit – or whatever sound you are working with – gets its own slice
  • When you change the tempo of the loop, the time between the slices is stretched, instead of the slices themselves

Full Control

  • ReCycle, the program will “look” at a file, analyze it,and break it up into its rhythmic components
  • The process is fully automated, but the slices are yours to move, audition or delete, using the program’s on-screen tools and controls
  • Other tools allow you to set the length, attack and decay of the slices, and to change your groove’s overall tempo or pitch, without one affecting the other
  • Slicing a loop gives you individual control over both the sound of the slices and the timing.

The REX File Format

  • REX is the native file format of ReCycle
  • A REX file contains the original audio of the loop, the slices you have applied in ReCycle and any effects or processing you have added
  • REX files are compressed, using a non-lossy compression technique to save some precious hard drive space.
  • REX files are supported by all major music software titles.

The Dr. Octo Rex and REX Files in Reason

  • The Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player plays loops treated by Propellerhead Software’s ReCycle and its design enables some truly creative ways to use ReCycled loops
  • When you open a new ReCycled loop in Dr. Octo Rex you can load up the corresponding MIDI data in a special REX editor in the sequencer where you can move the slices around to create the beats you want
  • This way you can take a drum loop and rearrange it any way you want


Part# 400220310




10 Seat EDU Pack

Part# 400220330





Part# 400220010




To take full advantage of the program, you need an application that reads REX2 files (such as Propellerhead Reason), a SoundFont compatible application, an AKAI sampler that supports .AKP files, Digidesign SampleCell, or a program that reads Mixman TRK files.



  • PC with 300 MHz or faster Pentium compatible processor
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (or later)
  • 800 × 600 display (or better)
  • 16-bit Windows compatible audio card, preferably with an ASIO or DirectX driver



  • Intel processor (or better)
  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • 800 × 600 display (or better)

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