ROBO 3D was founded to create a reliable, affordable 3D printing solution. With automatic leveling, 100 micron resolution and a large build volume, the R1 ROBO 3D Printer priced under $1,000 certainly meets those goals. You have your choice of filament colors, including glow in the dark options, 6-month parts warranty and 24-hour tech support. ROBO 3D has everything you need to create imaginative projects on a reliable 3D printing system.

ROBO C2 3D Printer


ROBO R2 3D Printer


Black PLA Plastic Filament for Robo 3D Printer


ROBO 3D started in 2012 after Coby Kabili, a senior at SDSU, decided to look for an alternative 3D printing solution from the expensive and limited resources at his university. From that the R1 ROBO 3D Printer was born and has provied thousands of people with a reliable resource to establish 3D printing projects. "We wanted to bring this technology to the household so users could see the value and incredible uses for these machines without breaking the bank." - Colby Kabili, ROBO 3D CTO