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Penguin- Sketch/Cartoon Rendering

Penguin 2.0 is completely integrated with Rhino. All of its configuration dialogs can be accessed as any other Rhino dialog would be, inside Rhino properties or object properties.


  • Conceptual, non-photorealistic renderer.
  • Easy to use, works seamlessly inside Rhino, and provides a host of features that speed and simplify image rendering for conceptual design or illustration purposes.
  • Fast. Quickly produces an image in the desired resolution.
  • Uses OpenGL rendering for fast results.
  • Works inside Rhino or AutoCAD. Render changes to the model immediately. You never need to export or start over.
  • Renders all models (except Flamingo or AccuRender plants).
  • Batch rendering through scripts.
  • Antialiasing with user control.
  • Can be combined with Flamingo or AccuRender renderings for true artistic results.
  • Two rendering modes (and more will be made available): sketch and cartoon
  • Ability to create your own rendering styles based in these rendering modes.
  • Support for TGA, BMP, PCX, PNG and JPEG file formats.
  • Background bitmap.

Sketch rendering mode

Simulates hand drafting. It allows you to create images in styles that look like drawings using pencil, ink, chalk, pen marker, watercolor (and others).

Configurable parameters for the wavy or straight lines. Control over line width, intensity, and color.

Texture fill. Simulating pencil, watercolor. User definable texture fill styles.

Cartoon rendering mode

Objects rendered with a limited number of shades and edges draw with a line to generate "illustration" drawings.

Controls the color and width of the silhouettes, borders, and creases.

Improved user interface and more integration with Rhino:

Penguin 2.0 is completely integrated with Rhino. All of its configuration dialogs can be accessed as any other Rhino dialog would be, inside Rhino properties or object properties.

The dockable object properties panel updates while other commands run or while changing the selection.

Supports dimensions, annotations and curves:

Penguin 2.0 supports any Rhino native object, including 2D objects like dimensions or curves. You can define specific settings for those objects like any other object.

New shader engine:

Penguin 2.0 comes with new shaders and a new shader engine. Now shaders are separate into main shaders – you can only select one of those at the same time, and combinable shaders – you can add any one of those to the main shaders or use them standalone.

Right now, Penguin 2.0 includes three main shaders (Cartoon, Artistic and Photo) and one combinable shader (Sketch). Given its scalable architecture, more shaders could easily be added in the future.


Cartoon is a shader that creates comic or cartoon-like images. It was already included in Penguin 1.0. In Penguin 2.0 you can define as many shade levels as you want, from two to thirty-two ( Penguin 1.0 had a fixed number of three ) and you can define any luminosity for each one from completely shadowed to completely lighted, without any constraints.


The Artistic shader creates hatched images combining three different textures into the objects, one for shadow areas, one for normal areas, and one for highlighted areas. This shader has taken over the hatching features from the old sketch shader of Penguin 1.0, which continues now as a line sketcher. More textures have been added, and now you can add as many of them a

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