Sensors, Controllers and Batteries

Shop and save on the latest Sensors, Controllers and Batteries, including Makeblock Me Sound Sensor, 6-AA Battery Holder with NXT Mounts, PocketLab Silicone Protective Case. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

Makeblock Me 3-Axis Accelerometer and Gyro Sensor

$19.99   $16.91

Makeblock Me Shield for Raspberry Pi


Makeblock 6AA Battery Holder


Makeblock Me Sound Sensor


Makeblock Me PIR Motion Sensor

$6.99   $5.91

Makeblock Me Temperature and Humidity Sensor

$7.99   $6.75

Makeblock Me Orion - Base on Arduino UNO

$29.99   $25.37

PSP-Nx Combo with Wireless Controller


Makeblock Me Light Sensor

$6.99   $5.91

Makeblock Me Touch Sensor

$7.99   $6.75

Makeblock Me Temperature Sensor-Waterproof

$6.99   $5.91

PocketLab One


Makeblock Me Gas Sensor

$7.99   $6.75

High Current Motor Controller for Raspberry Pi


6 Channel Servo Controller for Raspberry Pi


6-AA Battery Holder with NXT Mounts


PocketLab Silicone Protective Case


Sony PlayStation 2 Controller interface for NXT or EV3