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PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 Student Edition & eLearning Bundle


myQuake for NI myDAQ

$219.00   $199.00

Arduino Starter kit

$124.12   $70.62

IBM SPSS Data Entry Premium GradPack v6 Academic

$97.75   $20.00

Arduino Uno R3


PTC Creo University Plus Package


TI-30X IIS Scientific Calc


Arduino Micro


TI-30XS MultiView Calculator


TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator


TI-30X IIS Teacher Kit

$136.99   $132.95

PTC Mathcad Prime 5.0 University Edition


TI-Innovator Rover


TI-89 Graphing Calculator Titanium

$190.00   $156.95

TI-84 Plus Graphics Calculator

$150.00   $128.95

Crocodile Clips Yenka Mathematics Bundle


PTC Mathcad eLearning Library


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