Renewable & Alternative Energies

Learn how renewable and alternative energies can benefit you inside and outside of the classroom. Studica’s selection of hands-on products allows you to create and learn at your own pace. Check out the latest from these green-approved brands.

Energy and Power


Clean Energy Technology


Basic Turbine Building Parts

As Low As:   $16.00

Wind Turbine Hub

As Low As:   $22.00

Wind Turbine Generator with Wires

As Low As:   $7.00

MudWatt Classic Kit


Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets



As Low As:   $5.00

Balsa Blade Sheets

As Low As:   $12.00

High Torque Generator with Wires

As Low As:   $9.00

Red Blade Set


Advanced Wind Experiment Kit

As Low As:   $149.00

Blade Pitch Protractor


Sound and Light Board


Solar Panel - 2V/400mA


Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Nacelle


Drivetrain Set


Gear Set with Spool