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Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.0

Movie Magic Screenwriter is the best selling* screenplay formatting software and the choice of Hollywood professionals. Screenwriter automatically formats while you write so you can focus on what you’re writing, not where it goes on the page. It also formats for television, stage, novels and comic book scripts so you’ve got an all in one package for any story you want to write. With a massive set of features designed to make the rewriting process fast and simple you can get from FADE IN: to FADE OUT effortlessly. Integrated outlining, online collaboration, the ability to compare drafts of screenplays and the most comprehensive production features of any screenwriting software all make Movie Magic Screenwriter the clear choice for getting your stories from concept to screen.

New in Version 6:

  • Integrated outlining lets you create and manipulate outlines up to thirty levels deep.
  • The NaviDoc technology lets you navigate through your document effortlessly and has four panels:
    • The Outline panel lets you add, remove, and rearrange outline elements
    • The Scenes panel lets you navigate and sort your scenes at the click of a button
    • The Bookmarks panel lets you set bookmarks to jump to any place in your document
    • The Notes panel lets you create and sort color-coded notes & note categories
  • Over 30 new templates for a total 104 templates and 12 sample files
    • 25 new TV show templates for a total of 86 TV templates
    • 2 new sample files (comic story arc & radio play) and 2 updated sample files (screenplay and stage play) for a total of 12 sample files
    • 3 new Instructional templates (classic film structure outline , screenplay, & sitcom structure) for a total of 8 instructional templates.
    • 4 new blank templates (generic comic, Gossett-Kayle comic, radio play, & radio show) and 1 modified template (stage play) for a total of 10 blank templates
  • Courier MM Screenwriter custom-made font for superior onscreen display and printing—not available anywhere else on the market
  • Improved tool bars & context menus
  • Fit width zoom automatically adjusts the text size of your script as you resize the window
  • Redesigned look and feel to accommodate the latest versions of Windows and Mac.
  • Menus reorganized for easier use
  • Send documents as email attachments in RTF or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats
  • Retain previous versions of documents
  • Makes back up copies of documents
  • Automatically checks for Updates

Nothing Could Be Easier
Just hit the "Tab" and "Enter" keys to move between different script elements such as Character, Dialogue, Action, etc. That's all you need to know! Since Screenwriter is instantly and automatically handling all the hassles of Industry Standard Formatting, you can focus on writing your story as fast as you can get your thoughts onto the screen!.

Integrated Outlining
Just Screenwriter 6's new outline feature lets you outline levels up to thirty levels deep. Now it's easier than ever to block in your ideas wherever you want in the document. Take advantage of Screenwriters instructional templates, such as the one for classic film structure, and see for yourself how useful this feature can be for your writing.

Move Through Your Script with the Click of a Button
Instantly find and jump to any scene in your script with NaviDoc Scenes panel. The Scenes panel lets you sort the scenes by different criteria without affecting the document. It also can show you as many lines of a scene as you want: from one to everything! This helps to quickly identify the scene you are searching for.

Your Personal Typing Assistant
Type just a few letters of the desired character name, set, scene, etc., and Screenwriter will enter it instantly. Screenwriter's intelligent interface that can virtually read your mind, and pop up menus with the text items you want, without your even needing to tell it you want them.

Better Than Post-its®
Jot down revision notes, casting suggestions, and research questions quicker than you can slap on a Post-it. The new NaviDoc Note panel feature allows you to quickly organize, access, view and print your script notes. You can hide or show your notes, and print them separately in a report with page-number references. You may even create dozens of different, color-coded note cate



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Movie Magic® Screenwriter System Requirements Windows

  • Pentium 300Mhz or greater (Pentium 1Ghz recommended)
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible
  • 60 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • CD-ROM drive, or Internet connection for downloads (network installation not supported)
  • iPartner requires Internet connection, optional microphone 
  • and speakers for voice chat
  • Video Card w/8MB or greater recommended for Full Page View

Movie Magic® Screenwriter System Requirements Macintosh

  • Intel Native (Universal Binary)
  • Power PC, G3, G4, G5 or Intel Core Duo processor
  • OS X 10.5 - 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • 25 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • CD-ROM drive (network installation not supported)
  • iPartner requires Internet connection, optional microphone and speakers for voice chat.

Customer Reviews

  1. best software for writing screenplays

    by on

    Easy to use, easy to learn and gives a professional format used to writing movies, tv shows or monologues!

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