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LOGO! Soft Comfort V8

LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 allows you to create programs, simulate projects and draft professional documentation, using drag-and-drop functionality. Short configuration times are made easy with the included macro library, which consists of frequently recurring program parts. Create switch programming step-by-step and test it within the application. Along with its incredible in-app features accessed offline, this program also provides context-related online help that includes details on the individual function blocks and an explanation of the parameters and trends.

Please note, this package includes 6 program DVDs intended for school or vocational training use.

Features of LOGO! Soft Comfort V8

LOGO! Soft Comfort V8 software does it all – create and test switching programs, simulate all 43 functions and offers quick and easy documentation by using "drag-and-drop" functionality on your PC.

LOGO! SoftComfort V8 – New design

  • Familiar, easy operation in single mode and brand new – incredibly simple configuration in network mode (with LOGO! 8 only).
  • Automatic configuration of communication and display in network view. Up to 16 nodes can be displayed in the network view.
  • Up to three programs can be displayed next to each other in single mode as well as network mode.
  • In network mode, you can easily drag signals from one program to another with drag-and-drop.
  • The new display of LOGO! 8 now offers twice as many characters per message text. In the external text display (TDE), 2.5 times more characters can be displayed.
  • This allows more targeted formulation of message texts, without abbreviations, in some cases with additional large-format symbols.
  • Plus you can activate the integrated web server in the message text of LOGO! 8 via a WLAN access point you may watch the messages on a mobile device. This makes it rather practical to optimize the text messages during migration.

LOGO! offers 43 integrated function blocks

  • 8 basic functions
  • Special functions: 14 timer functions, 3 counter functions, 13 analog functions, 5 miscellaneous

Concept and Security

Program password

  • Protects your program from unauthorized access and/or changes.
  • The complete program can still be used in multiple LOGO! units.
  • In parameter mode, individual parameters can be changed at any time in a program protected by a password. If you want to protect individual parameters, you have to select this option in the respective function block

Copy protection (Know-how protection):

  • If the program is also copy-protected, it can only be used once at a time.
  • You have to use an external storage medium for this purpose. This means when you pull the storage medium from the LOGO! it goes into STOP. The program can then be used in a second LOGO! but not in multiple units simultaneously

For LOGO! 8 - Administrator and Operator mode:
Specific functions, such as start/stop, time, date, etc. can only be changed in Administrator mode. Released parameters can be manipulated in Operator mode

For LOGO! 8 - Access protection:
Separate passwords must be assigned for access via web server, text display, Internet or network.

(6 pack, DVD) (For Educational Institutions Only)

Part# 6ED1057-3SA20-0YA1


System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 (all versions), 32/64 bit
  • Mac OSX 10.6 to 10.9
  • Linux SUSE 11.3, SP3, K 3.0.76

Technical note: Ethernet cable required

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