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SIMATIC S7-1200 is modular and compact, versatile, a secure investment and perfectly suited to a whole range of applications. The S7-1200 CPUs are capable of handling both standard and safety-related tasks. A compact design with integrated IO, communication interfaces that meet the highest industry requirements, and a range of powerful integrated technological functions make this controller an integral part of a comprehensive automation solution.

Features of SIMATIC S7-1200

SIMATIC S7-1200 is a basic controller covering more applications!

System Flexibility and Modularity:
Modular board concept provides the ability to add additional I/Os without increasing the CPU’s footprint. So if your application calls for a single RTD input just add the correct signal board and this reduces space and cost. Integrated PROFINET/Ethernet interface eliminates the need for additional proprietary programming cables and no Ethernet expansion module; which reduces space and cost.

Powerful Integrated Functionality:
Extensive built-in technology like motion control I/O, PID controllers, High Speed Counting I/O, and Analog I/O eliminates the need for additional specialty modules reducing space and cost. Simple configuration tools are used for both Motion and PID control functions; which saves engineers considerable development time. Rapid realization of your application is achieved with integrated control panels that dramatically reduce start-up and commissioning time.

Engineering Usability:
Intelligent drag and drop between editors allows engineers to be much quicker during development. This intuitive functionality saves considerable time and overall engineering costs. Single engineering framework for Logic, HMI and Networking with common navigation, icons, and menus are consistent throughout all views. This makes it easy to learn and even easier to maintain saving you time.

AC/DC/RELAY - 6 Pack

(For Academic Institutions Only)

Part# 6ES7214-1BE30-4AB3


DC/DC/DC - 6 Pack

(For Academic Institutions Only)

Part# 6ES7214-1AE30-4AB3


CPU 1214C - The compact high-performance CPU

  • With 24 integrated input/outputs
  • Expandable by:
    • One signal board (SB)
    • Eight signal modules (SM)
    • Max. three communication modules (CM)
  • Six fast counters (three with max. 100 kHz; three with max. 30 kHz)

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