SINAMICS G120 standard drive 1 AC 230V network Click on images to enlarge

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SINAMICS G120 standard drive 1 AC 230V network

SINAMICS G120 standard drive 1 AC 230V network presents a modular converter with higher power density and a space-saving frame size. The network bundle includes a power module, control unit and an intelligent operator panel. Integrated software supports user-friendly selection, commissioning and operation. The SINAMICS G120 can not only be set up easily, but provides superior usability already during the commissioning phase and later during operation. The integrated software makes it possible.

Features of SINAMICS G120 Standard Drive 1 AC 230V Network

Pumps, fans, compressors

  • With linear characteristic
  • High starting torque, dynamic load and safety requirements

Conveyor technology
Conveyor belts with high starting torque and braking mode

Process technology
Mixers, breakers and agitators with breakaway torque.

Control Units CU250S-2 series - for performance applications in general machinery
The specific Control Unit (CU250S-2) is particularly suited for drives with high requirements in speed and torque accuracy. The I/O interface, the fieldbus interfaces and additional software functions optimally support these applications.

Power Modules PM240-2
PM240-2 Power Modules have a braking chopper (four-quadrant applications) and are suitable for a large number of applications in general machinery construction.

(Bundle with Power module, control unit, intelligent operator panel) (For Educational Institutions Only)

Part# 6SL3200-3AX00-0UL1


CU250S-2 Technical Data

  • Digital inputs: 11
  • Fail-safe, digital inputs: 3
  • Digital in-/outputs: 4
  • Analog inputs: 2
  • Analog outputs: 2
  • Encoder: SIN/COS Encoder, SSI asolute encoder
  • MMC/SD card slot: Ja
  • Motor temperature sensors: PTC/KTY, Thermo-Click
  • Communication: PROFINET
  • Profiles:
    • PROFIdrive
    • PROFIenergy
    • PROFIsafe
  • Safety Integrated
    • Basic: STO, SS1, SBC
    • Advanced: SLS, SDI, SSM

Power Modules PM240-2: 1 AC 230V

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