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Melodyne 4 Assistant - Upgrade from Essential to Assistant4 Upgrade

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Melodyne 4 Assistant offers users the full Melodyne toolkit and the same outstanding sound quality without the editing of polyphonic audio material and certain other functions found in the larger editions. Melodyne assistant is a great choice for monophonic and rhythmic audio material. This program is known for working with notes, rather than with meaningless wave form. As a plug-in, Melodyne can effortlessly integrate into your projects. It supports the VST, AU, RTAS and AAX plug-in interfaces and combines seamlessly with all important DAWs.

Features of Melodyne 4 Assistant

Melodyne notes are displayed in the form of "blobs". With Melodyne’s tools, you can edit the notes directly and modify all the important musical parameters. Just grab the notes, and you’ll find you can adjust their pitch, vibrato, volume, timing and much more in a highly intuitive manner. Melodyne 4 Assistant offers the full Melodyne toolkit and the same outstanding sound quality without some of the more complex features.

Melodyne 4 Assistant Algorithms

  • Melodic – Lead vocals, bass guitar, saxophone, etc.
  • Percussive – Drums, percussion, drum loops, etc.
  • Universal – Complex, polyphonic material without DNA Direct Note Access

Melodyne 4 Assistant Tools

  • Main Tool – Pitch center, position, length, note separations
  • Pitch – Pitch center, pitch transitions
  • Vibrato – Intensity/direction of vibrato and trills
  • Pitch drift – Intensity/direction of pitch drift
  • Formants – Shift formants, control formant transitions
  • Amplitude – Control the amplitude of notes, amplitude transitions, muting
  • Timing – Control the position, length and quantization of notes
  • Time handles – Vary the pace of developments within a note
  • Attack speed – Control the starting transients and percussiveness of notes
  • Note separation – Insert, delete and move note separations

Melodyne 4 Assistant Functions

  • Tempo detection – Map tempo changes within a recording
  • Note Assignment Mode – Correct any note detection errors
  • Cut, copy and paste – Rearrange material using clipboard functions
  • Macros for pitch and timing – Automatic, intelligent correction and optimization of notes
  • Audio-to-MIDI – Save audio notes as MIDI
  • Scale correction – Move or quantize notes in accordance with the selected scale

Melodyne 4 Assistant Compatibility

  • Stand-alone mode – Run Melodyne as an independent application
  • Plug-in operation – Run Melodyne as an AU, VST, RTAS, AAX or ARA plug-in in compatible DAWs
  • Rewire – Run Melodyne in stand-alone mode as a Rewire client
  • 32-/64-bit compatibility – Run Melodyne as a native application on 32-/64-bit systems
  • Intercompatibility – Open and edit projects created by other editions

System Requirements

  • OS X Intel Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), OS X 10.6.8, 10.9.5 or 10.11.3
  • Windows Intel or AMD Dual Core processor (Quad Core or better recommended), 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended), Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit recommended), ASIO-compatible audio hardware

Internet access is required to register.

iLok: If you wish to use an iLok, for Melodyne 4 you will need an iLok2. First generation iLoks are no longer supported.

Customer Reviews

  1. Incredible

    by on

    I love it

    Location: Orlando

  2. A+

    by on

    Melodyne went from being a begrudged purchase to one of the most important tools in my library. This is ESSENTIAL for getting a professional sound.

    Location: LA

  3. Rather Essential

    by on

    great software ! must have for any basic vocal editing.