3D CNC Machining for Non-Machinists

DeskProto is a 3D Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) program. It has the ability to import STL files from any 3D CAD program, calculate CNC toolpaths and then write NC program files for any brand of CNC milling machine, 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis. DeskProto is used by designers for prototypes, jewelers for wax models, artists for sculptures, medics for prostheses, moldmakers, woodworkers, teachers, students, hobbyists ad many more.

DeskProto V6 Entry Edition

As Low As:   $219.95

DeskProto V6 Expert Edition

As Low As:   $707.95

DeskProto V6 Multi-Axis Edition

$1,092.00   $362.95