DFRobot is a world-leading robotics and open source hardware provider with a learning community catering to hobbyists, educators and researchers. This company has developed over 700 products and cultivated an active online community with a range of hands-on resources. DFRobot is dedicated to providing everyone with amazing, long-lasting experiences in robotics and hardware DIY projects. These products are 100% environment-friendly and can be used by anyone, regardless of your background. DFRobot strives to boost STEM education and build a DIY community that embraces technology to build a better future.

Beginner Kit For Arduino v3.0


Weight Sensor Module


DFRobot produces opensource hardware, especially in robot platforms, sensors and Arduino compatible shields. DFRobot brings together more than 100 employees, 30% of whom are engineers. Over the last 5 years, DFRobot has delivered more than 1 million opensource modules to students, teachers and researchers. It is this company's hope to bring back the joy of tinkering to daily life with innovative, modern technology products and a supportive community. DFRobot products inspire an enhanced way of learning with materials that allow everyone and anyone to pursue their interests at their own rate according to their skills.