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EP Movie Magic Budgeting 7

Entertainment Partners Movie Magic Budgeting 7 is an innovative budgeting and cost estimation tool used by the top production professionals around the world. It features an intuitive, flexible format that allows users to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes, for various kinds of productions. The latest Movie Magic Budgeting is the most widely used production budgeting application that provides a range of budgeting tools and flexibility not found in other programs.

Features of EP Movie Magic Budgeting 7

As the leading budgeting software for media production, Move Magic Budgeting offers users workflows designed with an awareness of the complexities of production and the constantly changing issues that finance professionals face. Your production budget is the blueprint that outlines how your project will be completed. Let Movie Magic Budgeting help you monitor and revise your financial plans based on what you need!

Based on the continuous feedback from users like you, Move Magic Budgeting 7 is the latest and best way to save time, increase efficiency and prepare production budgets - allowing you to make the best production decisions possible.

Movie Magic Budgeting Stands Out

  • Explicit levels of details that are customizable
  • Multiple Comparisons to previous budgeting plans, service providers, etc.
  • Complete analysis of multiple scenarios

New Features

  • Intuitive Navigation
    • Navigate with ease through your budget with the redesigned Movie Magic Ball.
    • You may also opt to work using Classic Movie Magic keystrokes.
  • Import Your Schedule
    • Get a head start on your budget by importing your Movie Magic Scheduling 5 library.
    • Bring over your Elements and totals without having to re-enter your data.
  • Apply a Credit
    • Apply credits from tax incentives, production rebates, or other credits directly to your Topsheet.
    • You can even add multiple credits to cover complex spend requirements.

Academic Pricing


(Windows/Mac Download - Single Activation) Non-Profits do not qualify for the Academic product. Only Students, Faculty and Schools can purchase the Academic version of this product.

Part# MMB-700ACE



Save 64%

Retail Pricing


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Part# MMB-700NE



Retail Upgrade

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Part# MMB-700UE



System Requirements


  • 1GHz processor
  • Windows® 7 or higher


  • Intel® processor
  • Mac OS X® 10.9 or higher (10.10 is recommended)


  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • 200 MB Hard Disk Space
  • Minimum Display Resolution 1024x768
  • Internet connection required to activate product
  • JDK/JVM 1.6

Customer Reviews

  1. Pretty Convenient

    by on

    Easy to use. Export reports effortlessly

    Location: NYC

  2. So far so good!

    by on

    Great software. I would love to have the fringes, etc. updated through downloads from EP. I can't complain otherwise. Easy to use. Easy to make corrections, deletions, additions. Great results. Accepted by the industry.

    Location: NY

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