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fischertechnik Automated High Bay Warehouse

fischertechnik Automated High Bay Warehouse is a comprehensive construction set from the fischertechnik Training and Simulation line. This set focuses on important modern industrial mechanics with a warehouse model that includes a conveyor belt and a shelf stacker. The Bay Warehouse model demonstrates how industries automate the storage and retrieval of materials, finished products, machines, etc. Builders can explore mechanics and programming as they build their model and learn how to operate important warehouse machinery.

Features of fischertechnik Automated High Bay Warehouse

The fischertechnik Automated High Bay Warehouse is part of the fischertechnik Education Training and Simulation models. Builders can use this construction set to learn about important automated mechanical concepts that are used in various industries, including manufacturing. This model contains a conveyor belt, shelf stacker and nine storage slots for special workpiece carriers.

This set is available in two different price options: the 9V Version and the industry standard 24V Version.

9V Version
This version of the Automated High Bay Warehouse is pre-programmed and includes the ROBO TXT Controller. It contains everything you need to build and control your model.

24V Version
The Automated High Bay Warehouse, 24V Version is specifically designed to work with your existing PLC unit. It will easily integrate into your system, but requires a programmable controller to function.

fischertechnik is widely used in industry for vocational training and simulation purposes, because complex systems can be simulated and represented realistically. The functional and highly detailed models are a proven and inexpensive means to plan and to develop industrial applications. They are employed worldwide in the areas of training, development and presentation. In addition, many cutting-edge tech companies use fischertechnik simulation models for IoT (Internet of Things) demonstrations and experiments. The flexibility and the modularity of the fischertechnik system in combination with the industrially adapted sensors and actuators--as well as PLC´s from leading manufacturers--open up almost unlimited possibilities for hardware simulation. Complicated technical systems are simulated realistically and affordably, enabling their functions to be easily examined and understood clearly. This makes investment decisions easier and reduces the costs for the correction of planning mistakes.

9V Version

(Pre-Programmed with ROBO TXT Controller)

Part# 536626


24V Version

(For use with PLC which is required but not included)

Part# 536631


The fischertechnik Automated High Bay Warehouse set includes:

  • 2 encoder motors
  • 2 mini motors
  • 4 push buttons (limit switch)
  • 2 phototransistors
  • 2 lens tip lamps
  • Workpiece carriers
  • Various colored workpieces (6 pieces)

NOTE: 24V version Port
PCB with relays to reverse polarity of motor, multi-pin connector (26 pins, grid 2,54 mm) and additional PCB terminals with push in connection for all I/O.

Please note, the following is required for the model to properly function (sold separately):

  • Required for 536625 (9V): Power Supply. We suggest the fischertechnik Power Set #91087.
  • Required for 536630 (24V): Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) (not included)

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