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fischertechnik Dynamic M

The new fischertechnik Dynamic M construction set is ideal for making three exciting obstacle courses together with a dexterity game. New action and sound parts open up many possibilities for even more exciting courses. While they race downwards, the steel balls let the new sound tubes create melodic tones. The rotary funnel offers a completely new way of bringing the balls onto the next rail. The balls also shoot and fly down the obstacle course through narrow 90° curves and a cross-over. On arriving at the bottom, the manual chain lift brings the balls back up to the top again.

fischertechnik Dynamic M construction set includes:

  • A rotary funnel
  • 3x sound tubes
  • cross-over
  • 5x 90° curves
  • magnet holder
  • 8x balls
  • 4x fl ex-rails 90
  • 14x fl ex-rails 180

Ideal accessories: Motor Set XS, Sound+Lights, LED Set, Accu Set, Power Set.



Customer Reviews

  1. A Challenging Kit

    by on

    I bought this kit as a supplement to the STEM 1 and STEM 2 Elementary School Kits for an after school program at our local schools. I built Construction #1, the most complex of 4, to test it out. A couple of observations follow: - This is not a project for a young beginner. It requires attention to detail, especially related to the angled pieces. I had used a 7.5 early in the project instead of a 15, and had to locate my error to find the piece I needed to finalize the construction. I also had to correct the orientation of several of the red single blocks, some of which are tricky to see in the diagrams. - I had a problem with the chain, which was too long for the spacing in the book. Since the chain is virtually impossible to take apart, this required adding height to the top gear assembly, which required adding a few blocks which are not in the parts inventory. Fortunately, I have a bunch of spare parts. -Because I had to make a number of corrections and accommodations, it took me about 10 hours to complete the construction. I think a team of two experienced kids could complete the construction in an after school program with six 90 minute sessions. - It took me about half an hour to put the chain together. The fit is very tight. - It would be a simple task to motorize the final design. The final product works just as you would guess from the diagrams and descriptions.

    Location: Upstate NY

  2. Encourages outstanding creativity

    by on

    fischertechnik does it again with a novel approach to dynamic constructions. Included in the instruction manual is a very elementary model which involves most of the new pieces in this set plus three more complicated models which involve motors, funnel, tune bars and other interesting novel items for the dynamics series of kits. I hope that someone will design some models and post them on-line that involve all of the dynamic series sets for a really grand and complicated roller ball construction. (It seems that the hardware material is slightly different in this kit from earlier models. Are ft decreasing quality of merchandise for higher profits?). Perhaps the formula is the same and only the newness of the pieces causes a slight sense of difference.

    Location: Coupeville, Washington

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