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fischertechnik ROBO TX Explorer

The Ideal Set for Robotic Competitions

Explore unknown areas, measure distances, follow trails, show driving directions by means of blinking signals, recognize colors, measure temperatures, avoid obstacles without touching them, recognize day and night, turn headlights on and off automatically, trigger an alarm, and more.

The fischertechnik ROBO TX Explorer sensors can do all of this and lots more: The NTC resistor, the photoresistor, the ultra-sonic distance sensor, the infrared color sensor and the specially developed trail sensor. Thanks to two encoder motors, the tracks can be controlled precisely and steered synchronically. With the rescue robot, which is contained as a model, the ROBO TX Explorer set provides the ideal basis for participation in the RoboCup.

REQUIRES: ROBO TX Controller (#500995), ROBO Pro Software (#93296) and Accu Set (#57487) --all sold separately.



Build and Program Advanced Mobile Robots

The fischertechnik ROBO TX Explorer set contains 400 components for the construction of the following models:



  • Basic Model
  • Trail Searcher
  • Tunnel Robot
  • Color Detector
  • Explorer
  • Rescue Robot

Includes two encoder motors, three indicator lights, buzzer, optical color sensor and an IR Trail Sensor. ROBO TX Explorer also includes 26 page full color construction booklet with detailed instructions for building the above models, as well as a multi-language, black and white activity booklet that provides an overview of the encoder motor and various sensors, as well as an introduction to programming using the fischertechnik ROBO Pro software.


REQUIRES: ROBO TX Controller (#500995), ROBO Pro Software (#93296) and Accu Set (#57487)--all sold separately.

STORAGE SUGGESTION: with each ROBO TX Explorer set we recommend 2 Sorting Box 500--258x186(#94828) with dividers and 1 Base Plate 258x186 Cover (#32985).


ROBO TX Explorer

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REQUIRES: ROBO TX Controller (#500995), ROBO Pro Software (#93296) and Accu Set (#57487)--all sold separately.

STORAGE SUGGESTION: with each ROBO TX Explorer set we recommend 2 Sorting Box 500--258x186(#94828) with dividers and 1 Base Plate 258x186 Cover (#32985).

Additional Information for Educators and Administrators

This set can be used in the classes addressing the following topics: Computer Science, Computer Programming, Robotics, Introduction to A.I.

Specific concepts addressed with this set: Constructing, programming and controlling advanced mobile robots.

Crawler Drive: Types of vehicles with crawler drive. Encoder Motors and the principle behind them. Steering with a crawler drive using the encoder motors.

Sensors: Overview of the sensors used in this kit and what each does.

NTC Resistor for measuring temperatures.

Photoresistor for sensing brightness of light.

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor and how it uses light, infrared radiation, radio waves and ultrasonic sound to measure the distance between itself and an object.

Optical Color Sensor –such as used in automation technology.

Trail Sensor—digital infrared sensor for identifying a black trail on a white background.


Students design programs on the computer using the ROBO Pro “graphic programming interface” software, which utilizes graphic symbols, or icons, to represent various functions in a flow-chart like manner. The created programs (or sample programs) are then downloaded from the computer into the ROBO TX Controller unit. The ROBO TX Controller controls the actuators of the robot and evaluates the information from the various sensors. Programs can be downloaded using either a USB connection, or Bluetooth.

Procedure and Practices:

Students learn the importance of working carefully. They are asked to check the movement of all parts, and to test all programs on the computer prior to downloading them into the ROBO TX Controller unit.

Programmed Models:

Student will construct the various robotic models and complete increasingly sophisticated programs for these robots to execute, making use of the various sensors and actuators, such as:

Building a Trail Searcher and having it follow a black line, and then program it to recognize when it is not traveling on the line and to self-correct it’s direction of travel. Also program it to perform other tasks such as to actively search for a black line to follow, to honk three times if it loses a trail or ends it, and to navigate curves with differing radiuses.

Build a Tunnel Robot and program it to follow a fixed route along a wall as well as measure temperature and depending on the reading flash a warning light and buzzer to simulate an extinguishing action, turn and return to its starting point.

Build a Color Detector Robot which can detect different colors and perform certain tasks, such as signalling with a buzzer, or flashing a specific light when the color is recognized.

Build the Explorer Model, using all sensors and actuators, and then program it to perform more complex tasks using multiple sensors, such as recognizing an upcoming object and reducing its speed, blinking a warning light when the temperature becomes too high and turning headlights on or off depending upon how light or dark the surroundings are.

Remote Control of Robots:

Control the Explorer Model remotely using a computer equipped with ROBO Pro, and the Bluetooth radio interface found on the ROBO TX Controller unit. The robot is programmed so that it transmits measured values for ground color, temperature, brightness and obstacles. The robot is then controlled by hand using the operator’s console in the ROBO Pro software program.

Robotic Model for Competitions:

Build the Rescue Robot, utilizing the skills learned from programming and controlling the other models, as well as the various sensors and actuators, for competing in robotics events, such as the International RoboCup Junior competition.

Academic Standards and Benchmarks

Use of the ROBO TX Explorer set along with the included multi-language teaching and activity guide will help to support the following standards and benchmarks outlined in the “Standards for Technological Literacy” as developed by the International Technology Education Association (ITEA):
Standard 2: Students will develop an understanding of the core concepts of technology.
Benchmarks K, M
Standard 3: Students will develop an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the connections between technology and other fields of study.
Benchmark D
Standard 9: Students will develop an understanding of engineering design.
Benchmarks E, K
Standard 10: Students will develop an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.
Benchmarks C, D, E, F
Standard 12: Students will develop the abilities to use and maintain technological products and systems.
Benchmarks D, F, H, J, K, N, O
Standard 13: Students will develop the abilities to assess the impact of products and systems.
Benchmark F
Standard 17: Students will develop an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies.
Benchmarks G, H

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