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fischertechnik Super Fun Park

fischertechnik Super Fun Park is a complete construction set, designed to allow you to create your very own amusement park. As an advanced set with 660 fischertechnik parts, this collection of models helps young builders learn more about the fischertechnik building system and expand on their knowledge of simple machines. Build your own motorized ferris wheel, swing carousel and/or a twirling ride! These three models create a real fair atmosphere that inspires learning and engages play.

Features of fischertechnik Super Fun Park

Learn to build, play and create with the Super Fun Park. Follow the detailed instructions to construct these three models:

  • Ferris wheel
  • Swing carousel
  • Twirling ride

These bright, fun models are simple enough for younger children, but also keep more experienced builders engaged with so many pieces and functionalities - adding a level of complexity. The ferris wheel model measures a diameter of over 50 cm (almost 20 inches) and is equipped with six gondolas - perfect for creating your own fair environment!

As an advanced fischertechnik set with 660 parts, the Super Fun Park set is great for young builders interested in learning how simple machines work. This set comes with an XS motor and batter tray for 9V block, battery not included.

For added fun and functionality, we suggest the fischertechnik Sound + Lights set (#500880) with the Energy Set (#91087)--each sold separately.

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  • Recommended for Ages 7+
  • This set includes three models and 660 parts.
  • Requires 9V battery (not included)

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