Electronic Components

Shop and save on the latest Electronic Components, including FUZE T2-A with Raspberry Pi V2, Practical Soldering Project Kit, Small DC motor. Don’t forget to visit our FAQ section, or contact us if you have any questions.

myProtoBoard for NI myDAQ

$49.95   $44.99

Breadboard and Jumper Wire Kit for NI myDAQ

$11.50   $8.95

FUZE T2-A with Raspberry Pi V2

$249.99   $89.00

Basic Parts Kit for NI myDAQ

$83.25   $69.95

370 pc. 1/4W Resistor Kit

$19.95   $14.95

BNC adapter for NI myDAQ

$38.00   $29.95

Practical Soldering Project Kit

$10.95   $7.95

100 pc Capacitor component kit

$16.50   $14.95

Basic Parts Kit for NI myDAQ and Elvis

$79.95   $59.95

Bare Conductive Electric Paint Pen (10ml)


Arduino Uno R3


Bare Conductive Electric Paint Jar (50ml)


Arduino Motor Shield Rev3


Bare Conductive Touch Board Starter Kit


Bare Conductive - Touch Board


Small DC motor


Arduino DUE


Makeblock Electronic Add-on Pack for Starter Robot Kit

$29.99   $25.38