KidWind Project is a team of teachers, engineers and scientists committed to innovative energy education. Our goal is to promote the elegance of wind power through affordable tools and training programs that challenge, engage and inspire students of all ages.

Advanced Wind Experiment Kit

As Low As:   $149.00

Basic Wind Experiment Kit

As Low As:   $114.00

Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets


Balsa Blade Sheets

As Low As:   $12.00

Blade Design Consumables - Classroom Pack



As Low As:   $4.00

Wind Turbine Hub

As Low As:   $20.00

Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Nacelle


Basic Turbine Building Parts

As Low As:   $14.00

Blade Pitch Protractor


Drivetrain Set


Gear Set with Spool




High Torque Generator with Wires

As Low As:   $9.00

Red Blade Set



As Low As:   $50.00

Tower and Base Set


Wind Turbine Generator with Wires

As Low As:   $7.00

Solar Panel - 2V/400mA


Solar Thermal Exploration Kit


Power Output Pack


Small Water Pump


Sound and Light Board


KidWind Basic to Advanced Experiment Kit Upgrade


KidWind Chipboard Sheets


KidWind MINI Wind Turbine


KidWind MINI Wind Turbine with Blade Design


KidWind Motor Mount Pack


KidWind Nacelle


KidWind Power Output Board