Manage Your Mobile Technology with LocknCharge

Founded by a teacher, LocknCharge provides specific solutions to store, charge, secure and transport technology in the classroom. The company's primary goal is to make life easier for professionals and educators in the deployment of mobile devices. It provides solutions for physical management and access to these and other devices.

LocknCharge Carrier 10 Charging Station

$699.00   $680.27

LocknCharge FUYL Cell Locker Cube

As Low As:   $1,610.78

LocknCharge iQ 10 Charging Station

$599.00   $513.77

LocknCharge iQ 10 Sync Charge Station


LocknCharge iQ 16 Sync Charge Box with Lightning Cables

$999.00   $949.00

LocknCharge iQ 8 Wall Cage

$599.00   $589.00

LocknCharge 5-slot Plastic Device Basket

$69.99   $68.20

LocknCharge FUYL Cell Fan Kit

As Low As:   $124.99

LocknCharge iPad Spider Stands

As Low As:   $38.95

LocknCharge Large Plastic Basket

$79.99   $77.44

LocknCharge Small Plastic Device Basket


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