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Cubelets Mini Makers Pack

The Cubelets Mini Makers Pack is a perfect way to jumpstart any learning environment. It was inspired by the needs of our youngest learners and was designed with Pre-K and Kindergarten students in mind. However, you’ll find that it works great for older students, too! The Bluetooth functionality allows for easy software updates and Cubelets programming activities. The Mini Makers Pack supports six groups of learners. Includes 54 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets, Brick Adapters, storage, and a 5-port battery charger.

What’s Included:
The Cubelets Mini Makers Pack is a great starting point for new builders in an educational setting. Each Mini Makers Pack includes a blend of SENSE, THINK and ACT Cubelets for each group with a few additional Cubelets influenced by the FREE lesson plans from Modular Robotics! Includes 54 Cubelets:

  • 6 Battery Cubelets
  • 6 Passive Cubelets
  • 6 Inverse Cubelets
  • 2 Bluetooth Cubelets
  • 6 Distance Cubelets
  • 6 Brightness Cubelets
  • 4 Knob Cubelets
  • 6 Drive Cubelets
  • 6 Flashlight Cubelets
  • 6 Rotate Cubelets
  • 24 Brick Adapters (6 sets of 4)
  • 1 5-port Charger
  • 5 Charging Cables
  • and 2 Storage Tubs.

Cubelets Mini Makers Pack

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