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Seeed Studio Xadow - Barometer BMP180 v1.0

Part#: 101040003

The Xadow - Barometer BMP180 is a barometer module of Xadow series. It is the upgrate of Xadow - Barometer .The module can measure the air pressure and temperature of the current environment, and then you can convert this signal to information of altitude. If you are planning to use Xadow to do a wearable device and measure the altitude when you climb the mountain, then the module will be your perfect choice.


  • ultra-low power, low voltage
  • Wide Pressure Detecting Range
    300~1100hPa(+9000m ~ -500m relating to sea level)
  • Low noise
    0.06hPa(0.5m) in ultra low power mode
    0.02hPa(0.17m) advanced resolution mode
  • Fully calibrated


  • Working Voltage: 3.3v
  • Pressure Range:300 ~ 1100hPa(+9000m ~ -500m relating to sea level)
  • Low Power
  • Control Mode: IIC
  • Operating Temperature:-40 ~ +85°C
  • Dimensions: 25.43mm x 20.35mm

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