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Bring Your Dash & Dot to Life

Wonder Workshop offers four different mobile applications that are designed to program and monitor your robots' activities. Each app connects students with their robot and provides a unique experience. Build on students' understanding of technology and introduce them to the world of coding in a fun and engaging environment. Dash & Dot are literally at your command as you delve into the world of programming! 


Go | Getting Started with Dash & Dot

Recommended for Ages 5+
This app works with both Dash and Dot, and it is available to download for Apple and Google Play systems. Go offers you everything you need to know about the basic controls on Dash & Dot. It also serves as a portal to online content and various activities. This app allows you to:

  • Connect your Dash & Dot robots to your mobile device for the first time
  • Make Dash & Dot your own by setting their personalities and names
  • Discover how Dash moves, makes sounds and lights up
  • Program Dash & Dot's lights to display an array of colors and patterns



Path | Guide Dash to the Next Big Adventure

Recommended for Ages 5+
Program Dash to follow a path and unlock special abilities, sounds and animations as you explore. Guide Dash through adventures at the racetrack, on a farm, or in the big city. The Path app introduces children to sequences, events and sensors through a simple draw, drag and drop interface. With it, they will learn to plan, program and execute a path design, while learning fundamental concepts of computational thinking. This app allows you to:

  • Draw a path to where you want Dash to go with a single "line" of code
  • Add nodes to the path to give Dash special abilities
  • Press Dash's top button or the robot on the screen to watch Dash go
  • Unlock all 4 themes and then make up your own adventure

Concepts taught with Path:

  • Algorithm design
  • Command sequences
  • Control flow
  • Sensors and Events
  • Problem solving



Xylo | Teach Dash to Play Music

Recommended for Ages 5+
Remake your favorite tunes or channel your inner composer to create your own songs from scratch. The choice is yours with the Xylo app! Xylo introduces children to programming through music and play. This app is used with Dash and the Xylophone accessory. With it you can:

  • Start out with sample songs in the library or compose your own
  • Edit and remix the notes as Dash plays the xylophone in real time
  • Add loops and drag and drop parts of your song until your masterpiece is complete
  • Save your favorite songs, and play them for your classmates

Concepts taught with Xylo:

  • Algorithm design
  • Command sequences
  • Control flow
  • Loops



Blockly | Program Dash & Dot with Puzzle Pieces of Code

Recommended for Ages 8+
Take on coding challenges and allow children to make their own programs for Dash & Dot. Blockly allows you to transform Dot into an alarm, play tag with Dash, or use Dot to control Dash. Turn your silliest or most ambitious ideas into reality with an easy-to-use introduction to programming. Blockly is a drag-and-drop visual programming tool that introduces children to fundamental programming concepts. This app allows you to:

  • Start your program by triggering an event – pressing a button, other robot interaction, and even the sound of your voice
  • Snap block to the "When" blocks to give commands to Dash & Dot
  • Start with sample projects or jump right in to create your own
  • Auto-save your projects as you code. Open and show them off to your classmates!

Concepts taught with Blockly:

  • Algorithm design
  • Command sequences
  • Control Flow
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Sensors and Events through creative problem solving



Wonder | Create Your Own Games with Dash & Dot

Recommended for Ages 8+
Wonder is visual and intuitive, a revolutionary new framework for students to learn about the world and how technology in their everyday lives work. Kids design behaviors and interactions for the real robot Dash and their coding companion Dot. With it you can:

  • Embark on a self-guided tour of programming and robotics using the Challenge Map
  • Build your own coding creations in Free Play
  • When you're finished, Dash and Dot will remember your code
  • Make robotics accessible to children ages 8 and up


Teach Kids to Code with Wonder Workshop

At home or in the classroom, Dash & Dot provide an innovative platform for teaching kids to have fun while learning the basics of computational thinking. Introducing students to coding helps channel their creativity into technology and creates a lasting interest in STEM concepts. Check out some of the new sets we have available from Wonder Workshop. And don't forget to download these apps to get your Dash & Dot moving and grooving!

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