Studica Supports WorldSkills 2015:
Mobile Robotics Competition

Studica would like to congratulate all those who competed in this year's 2015 WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition! As the official sponsor and supplier of the event, we were incredibly impressed by all of the ingenuity and innovation displayed by so many of the teams representing their countries in the competition.

Take a look at some of the world's leading robotics designs exhibited in action at the 2015 Mobile Robotics Competition – each team that competed is represented below!

Team Korea (Gold Medalists)

A Ron Lee

Hong Cheol Park

Team Korea took home Gold in the Mobile Robotics Competition, scoring the highest with 559 points. The team was hard at work and all smiles as they constructed and programmed their robotic design.

Team Japan (Gold Medalists)

Naoki Ito

Jun Hasegawa

Team Japan was also awarded a Gold medal in the Mobile Robotics Competition. They scored 557 points. This team demonstrated incredible technical skill as they approached each task.

Team Canada (Bronze Medalists)

Maxime Marineau

Zachary Larose

Team Canada was awarded the Bronze medal in the Mobile Robotics Competition, receiving 546 points. This team worked really well together throughout the competition and was able to quickly troubleshoot problems.

Mobile Robotics Teams from Around the World

Check out some the other teams that made it to the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition, representing their countries as the best in the world.

About the WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition

Mobile Robotics is a fast evolving, detail-oriented industy, which focuses strongly on robotic engineering skills. It includes applications in various other industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, aerospace, mining and medicine. In order to compete in the Mobile Robotics match, participants must be able to program their robotic designs, test/adjust sensor values and parameters, assemble/connect peripheral equipment, and troubleshoot or repair hardware in the event of any malfunctions. Robotic engineering requires a range of skills and professional development that starts in the classroom, and leads to success in future career industries.

Studica is very proud to be part of the WorldSkills community, and will again sponsor and supply the Mobile Robotics Competition in 2017. The 2017 WorldSkills will take place in Abu Dhabi. Many teams have already started preparing for it, following this year's event. WorldSkills is a great way to promote STEM education and future careers in STEM industries. Students interested in the competition, and educators looking for classroom solutions, can get official WorldSkills robotic components by visiting our WorldSkills store.