Codeybot Makes Learning to Code Fun

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Codeybot Makes Learning to Code Fun

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Codeybot Program the Fun

Codeybot is the latest innovation from Makeblock, a company so passionate about robotics that they want to share this passion. A leader in the DIY/Maker community, their open-source construction platform is ideal for makers at all levels. Beginners and experienced engineers alike can construct their dreams with the vast array of electronic modules and mechanical parts they offer.

Jasen Wang, the founder of Makeblock, is a huge robot enthusiast. He knows the thrill of putting your own robot together for the first time and the joy that comes from bringing your ideas to life. Makeblock’s robots are designed to provide these experiences and teach STEM concepts at the same time. Students are enjoying themselves and creating, but they are also learning crucial education concepts. Learn more about Makeblock.

Codeybot Teaches Coding to Young Learners

Codeybot from MakeblockCodeybot makes the process of learning to code fun. This interactive, coding toy changes colors, dances, plays music, speaks, follows paths and even shoots laser beams. With a fully customizable LED display, children can bring this robot to life with the Codeybot App and mBlockly App. With the LED Laser Add-on, these robots become battle ready. Children can then challenge their friends in battle mode, which explains how robots interact with each other.

Take a look at this learn-to-program device in action! Watch the video below.

Getting Started is Easy

If you are looking to teach coding, it is crucial for the robot to be easy to use. Codeybot is straightforward and accessible. Simply power up, connect, and then launch your App. It’s as simple as that. These apps are currently available for iOS 7.1 or later. The mBlockly App is available for the iPad only. The Codeybot App is available for iPhone and iPad.

You can purchase Codeybot and other Makeblock robotics kits and components at in the United States and Canada. Read more about Makeblock’s Open Source Maker Sets.

Codeybot Set-up is Easy



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