What’s New? Media Composer 8 from Avid

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Media Composer 8Avid Media Composer 8 is relevant because creative professionals have created it so it understands what creative professionals want and need. Media Composer is a top notch video and film editing solution. Avid’s softwareopens new doors of possibilities by taking file-based workflows and simplifying them so you can work faster. To help you tell your story in the best way possible they have extended real-time production everywhere. Media Composer digital video software was designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, it provides quicker high-res-to-HD workflows, allows for real-time collaboration, and offers strong media management. It allows you to eliminate tasks that suck up your time so you can focus on your story.  Media Composer 8 now offers more versatility than ever. You can edit on premises, on demand, using an affordable subscription, via the cloud, or purchase a license outright. What more can you ask of a video editing software? Students, educational institutions faculty can purchase Media Composer with academic discounts.

Media Composer 8 New Features

One of the biggest changes is that Avid is now offering subscription licenses for Media Composer 8. This is an option fans and customers have been requesting for a long time. The cost of entry into this industry leading editing tool has been lowered significantly. There are now low-cost monthly and annual subscriptions available making the software more affordable. You also may notice that NewsCutter is no longer available. The reason for this is that that most of the new-centric editing features have already been added into Media Composer.

Who uses Media Composer?

Media Composer from Avid is widely used. Watch the Voice? “You’d be hard pressed to name a file format we haven’t used on The Voice over the last five seasons,” says Robert M. Malachowski Jr., supervising editor for The Voice. “Our Avid workflow allows us to manage and utilize the high volume of media that comes in daily.” For The Hunger Games “Catching Fire” editor Alan Edward Bell used Media Composer to help cut this intense VFX story. When making the Great Gatsby, creative teams were able to cut the movie in 3D with members in two different continents because of the amazing capabilities of Media Composer.

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