001 Game Creator Makes Game Design a Breeze

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001 Game Creator Makes Game Design a Breeze

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Formerly known as GG Maker, 001 Game CreatorFormerly known as GG Maker, 001 Game Creator introduces young designers to the world of game design with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Create 2D and 3D games with the click of a mouse, thanks to the program’s graphically assisted scripting. That’s right, no coding skills required!

Engage your students in game design, while exploring basic principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Demonstrate essential concepts in coding, programming, computer science, engineering and more – all with an easy-to-use program ready for the classroom.

Game Design in the Classroom

001 Game Creator AcademicStudies show video games and digital animation platforms integrated into curriculum correspond to a number of different STEM standards. It’s important for students to build a strong foundation in STEM skills by starting off with projects they can easily understand. That’s where the 001 Game Creator platform excels. This game engine is a great way to introduce students to complex principles using a simplified game design interface. Spark engagement using the students’ interest in gaming, while also demonstrating key learning activities.

Check out some of the ways game design can fulfill academic standards, according to the Technology Education Association and the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Asking questions (for science) and defining problems (for engineering)
  • Engineering design comprehension
  • Understand the role of troubleshooting, research and development, and experimentation in problem solving
  • Using mathematics, information technology, and computational thinking
  • Develop an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology

001 Game Creator Academic

001 Game Creator Academic is a game engine specifically designed for classroom use. Explicit assets were removed to ensure students focus on the topics at hand, rather than delving into inappropriate content. Students using 001 Game Creator Academic will not have access to:

  • Blood and gore
  • Range-based weapons and guns
  • Household items that could be used as weapons (e.g.: baseball bats, crowbars, etc.)
  • Graphics that could be considered related to religion or drug use
  • Swear words and foul language
    001 Game Creator Academic

Should you find that students are misusing some of the available assets, you can also disable the creation of specific items from within the program. This development platform is also free of advertising.

Use the included built-in tutorials to help you master the 001 Game Creator features, and get the most out of your classroom activities. Along with this incredible versatility, 001 Game Creator’s most attractive feature is its graphically assisted scripting environment. Students can control the functionality of their game without having to write a single line of code! This is an ideal fit for introductory programming courses, because it teaches young learners the fundamental logic used in game development and programming without the intimidating process of complex coding.

This is an excellent tool for teaching STEM concepts early on. The program is also available in MSI file format for easy installation on academic networks.

Learn More, Save More

Learn more about the benefits and features of 001 Game Creator Academic. Price options are available for single licensing and academic institution network bundles.

Inspiring a lasting relationship in STEM has never been easier than with game design from 001 Game Creator! Get started today.


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