An Exciting September – Three products to electrify your back to school experience

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There are quite a few reasons why I am excited that September the 6th is rapidly approaching.  The first day of school is an exciting one, but this year we have three reasons to bring the excitement level of our students up a few notches.

The first reason that I am excited about a new school year is Autodesk’s new certification process through Certiport.  Students now have the unique opportunity to become Autodesk Certified Users, to gain a qualification that will last through whichever career path they choose.  This industry standard certification will give students a firm understanding of an industry leader in design software as well as a very real accomplishment.  This is quite a feather in any student’s cap, and a solid resume builder.

Labview for Education has recently been released and proves to be a very exciting leap forward for any classes pursuing their own brand of robotics.  This software will enable any progressive class to explore programming options that are outside of the robotics platform they are constructing.  It will also allow classes to operate free of robotics platforms and add another dimension to the design phase of each robot.  This is a valuable tool for teachers who are serious about teaching different programming options as well as industry foundations to their students.  This software is also a very important bridge between school and career path.  Students could potentially be using this software from the time they begin high school until they retire from their career.

Unity Pro is a very exciting leap forward for Secondary and Post-Secondary School Game Development Programs.  There has been an un-abating interest in this product from Colleges and Universities.  Many students in animation and game design courses at the high school level are already very familiar with this product, and we now have the opportunity to give the students exposure in a classroom setting.  Many students have already begun playing the games created with this very powerful platform.  Now is an excellent opportunity to begin learning the skill sets the students will need when pursuing this as a career or post-secondary degree.

Three very exciting products have made this September electrifying for students.  If you would like more information on how to bring these tools to your students please do not hesitate to call us here at Studica.  As always, we are a very proud part of the process.

Author: Matthew Colbeck

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