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Autodesk recently created a new curriculum for teachers and students called the Digital STEAM Workshop. The Digital STEAM workshop is a highly visual curriculum that delivers an engaging project-based learning experience for students while enabling teachers to focus on teaching rather than software expertise. This is a brand new workshop that Autodesk has put together and they have training seminars setup all around the country to help educators familiarize themselves with the curriculum. The idea behind it is to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) within the field of design.

The curriculum utilizes projects that were developed by industry experts to help illustrate these different disciplines and how they fit into the Autodesk design process. The projects come with instructional videos, lesson plans, data sets, and more. You can find the Digital STEAM page here.  You will need to create an Education Community Account to access it. This can be done here.

On this website, you can browse through the different sections using the left-hand site map. The “Start Here” section has a lot of the basic information about the Digital STEAM curriculum and how it is beneficial to teachers and students. As you proceed through the site map, there are lots of instructional videos discussing how to approach the curriculum within your classroom. There are also digital study packets and a “glossary” of the different commands and what they do for each different piece of software in the curriculum. There are quizzes that you can take to test your knowledge of the software interface, commands, etc. Currently, only 4 pieces of software have curriculum developed for them AutoCAD, Inventor Professional, Revit Architecture and Maya. Each different software workshop has separate projects, data sets, and lesson plans that are specific to each product.

The workshops are setup to be 8-hour long sessions. The sessions are split up between presenting the Digital STEAM curriculum and doing some hands-on work with some of the projects and datasets that are provided for you. This will help you understand how to utilize the curriculum in your classroom and how to teach it in an engaging way for students. There is some pre-work to be done when you register for a workshop. The pre-work is found on the Digital STEAM page. When you register, you should be informed of where it is and what you need to go over before coming to the workshop.

You can find a list of Digital STEAM workshops near you on this webpage. The majority of the workshops are free but some charge a small fee to attend. If there’s a workshop near you then it’s definitely something that’s worth checking out. Autodesk has put a lot of time and effort into crafting the website as well as the curriculum and between the two; there is a lot of good information to be found.

Author: Mark Philipp

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