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Build Your Own 3D Printer with fischertechnik

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With much anticipation, we look forward to the release of the fischertechnik Education 3D Printer (item #536624). Designed to provide an engaging and effective method for teaching students about the technology behind this cutting edge form of manufacturing, this exciting new DIY product offering will be available later this summer.

Explore Principles of Additive Fabrication with fischertechnik 3D Printer

fischertechnik Education 3D PrinterFor those not in the know, 3D printing is the process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The process is often referred to as “additive fabrication”, as it involves an additive process, where very thin layers of material are successively built upon existing layers, until it results in the desired object being created. While there are now numerous options available for those who wish to use 3D printers in the classroom, the fischertechnik Education 3D Printer is unique in that students will learn about this technology by building a fully functional 3D printer with their own hands!

Build Your Own 3D Printer with fischertechnik

fischertechnik 3D Printer softwareThe fischertechnik Education 3D Printer set includes a detailed, pictorial assembly manual for building the printer, as well as step-by-step instructional material. Topics addressed include:

  •  Origins of the 3D printing process
  •  An overview of the components and their functions
  •  A “how-to” guide for software used to control the printer
  •  Calibrating the printing bed and printing headfischertechnik 3D Printer software screenshot
  •  Printing a sample object
  •  Explore 3D print fabrication processes: FDM, FFF, SLS, SLA
  •  File Formats (G-code, STL format)
  •  How to locate model templates on the internet
  •  Create 3D designs with design software and/or freeware

Without a doubt, the field of 3D printing is exploding. As a result, this technology is becoming a cornerstone of the modern manufacturing process, and many predict that it won’t be long before 3D printers become a fixture in the average home, the same way microwave ovens did almost forty years ago. Therefore, this  is the perfect time to bring 3D technology into your classroom. Build the foundation of understanding your students will need as they move forward onto the career paths of tomorrow. It also makes the perfect addition to your school’s existing robotics and STEM education programs.

In conclusion, this is an excellent tool for learning about additive fabrication in manufacturing and 3D printing. Pre-order your fischertechnik Education Robotics 3D Printer set today.

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