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fischertechnik Update: World Record and New Products

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fischertechnik World Record BridgeWe have much to share with you from the world of fischertechnik. For one, at this year’s Fan Club Day, a World Record was achieved! A bridge 45 meters long, has been constructed entirely out of fischertechnik building blocks. The bridge, modeled after the famous Russky Bridge in Russia, used approximately 53,000 parts. Earning it the title of the largest model ever built with fischertechnik. Plus, new releases are now available. Let us introduce to you Dynamic L 2 and Mechanic & Static 2. These construction sets enforce educational concepts through fun and engaging building exercises.

Make Physics Fun with Dynamic L 2

fischertechnik Dynamic L 2536621_VP_Dynamic_L2_PackshotNew to the Dynamic series, this set provides unique action models and three 180° degree curve components. Young builders can create one of seven obstacle courses. The Dynamic L 2 set is fully compatible with other Dynamic sets allowing for larger and more creative builds.

This set teaches a variety of physics concepts such as acceleration, the law of conserving energy, mass inertia, balance of forces and many others. Take a closer look,  watch the video below.

Teach Fundamentals of Engineering

Mechanic and Static 2MechanicuStatic2_PackshotEncourage young learners to discover the principles of technology by play. The Mechanic and Static 2 set includes 500 parts and can build up to thirty different models designed to illustrate mechanics and statics concepts. Models include examples of different transmissions for tractors, a planetary gear, a bridge model and many more. This set also encourages builders to get creative and make their own creations. Access to the fischertechnik eLearning portal which offers tutorials, activities and videos is also included.

Specially Designed to Learning

Created exclusively for classroom and homeschooling environments, the fischertechnik Education line offers a variety of solutions. Enhance comprehension of STEM topics such as Electronics, Renewable Energy,  and Physics through building.  A variety of project-based, curriculum offerings are available. Popular titles include Introduction to STEM 1 and STEM PREP sets. fischertechnik and fischertechnik Education products are available through Studica in the United States and Canada.

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