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Join the fischertechnik Workshop Team

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WANTED: Educators, Robotics Enthusiasts, and fischertechnik Fanatics to become a part of the fischertechnik Workshop Team. A great opportunity to Learn, Teach, and Earn $$$!!!

The fischertechnik Workshop Program

fischertechnik building systemStudica, a longtime proponent of providing technology-based teaching solutions to schools, students, and teachers, has paired up with fischertechnik Education to create the fischertechnik STEM Workshop Program. The program is designed to offer an ongoing series of workshops focused on both introducing teachers to the unique fischertechnik building system—to help build their own comfort and proficiency—as well as showing them how these exciting products can be used in the classroom and in after-school programs for teaching students of all ages about different aspects of robotics, technology, and all things STEM related.

Workshop 1: Elementary STEM Exploration

Join the fischertechnik STEM Workshop TeamThe first installment of the fischertechnik Workshop Program, which has been developed focuses on using the Introduction to STEM I set to bring a hands-on exploration of technology into the elementary classroom. Studica and fischertechnik Education have created a series of materials that will easily enable presenters, public speakers, and educators of all backgrounds to quickly become familiar with the fischertechnik system themselves, and to then be able to offer a comprehensive, single session workshop to show other educators how these products should be used in the classroom. Specially created PowerPoint presentations, videos, and step by step scripts are all included, to be used in conjunction with a hands-on exploration of the kit’s materials. Areas addressed in this workshop include:

  • Why is STEM education so important?
  • Why is it vital to introduce students to STEM as early in their education as possible?
  • What is fischertechnik? Who created it, and what makes it so unique?
  • What can fischertechnik do?
  • Learning how to build with the fischertechnik system, and identifying the different components used.
  • Building a simple model, hands-on.
  • Exploring the curriculum for the Introduction to STEM I set, including the worksheets, answer sheets, rubric and assessment materials, as well as all other student and teacher specific content.
  • Hands-on exploration of the contents of the Introduction to STEM I set.
  • Building a second, more involved model, and learning how it will be used in combination with the curriculum materials to present a cohesive, standards-based class activity.        

Get started today. Join the fischertechnik Workshop Team.

Coming Soon: Robotics Workshop

There is currently a workshop program being developed that focuses on robotics. If this is something that interests you, we encourage you to join the waiting list for this program. Check back soon, more workshop programs are in development.

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