FUZEBOX Makes Coding Accessible and Fun

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FUZEBOX Makes Coding Accessible and Fun

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FUZEBOX Makes Coding Accessible and FunThe FUZEBOX is on its way, thanks to team FUZE in the United Kingdom. This is the ultimate coding gadget for beginners and seasoned coders alike. It allows programmers to code fun and relevant applications on laptops, PCs, Raspberry Pi, tablets and smartphone using Windows, Android, or Mac operating systems.

This really is the best solution for getting the most out of your device, while also teaching future generations valuable skills for the future!

What is the FUZEBOX?

The FUZEBOX is a fully comprehensive programming device. For the first time ever, almost every computing platform can be used to program games and apps, control robotic devices, interact with sensors and experiment with electronics.

It is compatible with Windows, OSx, iOS, Android, Linux operating systems – along with a range of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, Raspberry Pi, laptops and PCs.

Did we mention its versatile connectivity? FUZEBOX can connect to your chosen device via WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. With this dynamic range of flexibility, it is as much for total beginners as it is for experienced coders and electronic innovators.

What Can You Do with FUZEBOX?

The FUZEBOX is great for electronic enthusiasts, but it is also a very valuable educational device. Give your students an early understanding of computing with curriculum and technology-based activities. Transform your student into technology whizz-kids with the power of limitless creative potential in a fast-growing world of understanding computing.

Check out some examples of what you can do with the it!

  • Design, write and code your own games (the same code will run on all platforms)
  • Create your own simple thermometer or a fully customizable weather station
  • Turn the FUZEBOX into a controller for external robotics
  • Create your own GPS device to navigate your neighborhood, playground and more
  • Transform your FUZEBOX into a TV remote, or a “tape-less” tape-measure
  • Create a contact-less instrument
  • Make a proximity detecting security system
  • Record your own voice and audio to use in your games
  • Make a baby monitor or motion sensing security camera
  • Create your own spirit level or tilting maze puzzle game!
  • Use it as a controller for your games
  • Turn your FUZEBOX into a synthesizer keyboard

These are just some of the endless projects you can create. Those using Raspberry Pi have can also utilize FUZE BASIC programming for free – great for expanded your programming possibilities. Program electronics to interact with the world around you!

Help Make FUZEBOX a Reality

Help Make FUZEBOX a RealityThe FUZEBOX is still under development and it needs your help! Visit the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about how you can get the most accessible coding device ever. It is expected to be available in December 2016. Be one of the first to get yours by following Studica’s blog and keeping up with us on social media.

For those of you that just can’t wait, Studica offers a variety of classroom and at home FUZE systems that will help you master coding in no time. The FUZEBOX is based on the same FUZE technology! Find a solution that’s right for you at our FUZE store today. And don’t forget to check back for additional details on the FUZEBOX – coming soon!

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