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GG Maker Game Design Sparks Interactive STEM Learning

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Studica recently sealed a deal to offer GG Maker Academic to students, educators and schools. GG Maker is a video game engine that can produce 2D and 3D games very quickly. The engine has been growing in popularity due to its ease of use and low barrier of entry. Studica is the exclusive reseller for the Academic Version of the software.

GG Maker Video Game Engine Features

  • GG Maker has tools for developing both 2D and 3D games.
  • Your game can be easily shared across several platforms. iOS and Android distribution will be implemented soon.
  • GG Maker has what’s called “Graphically Assisted Scripting”, which uses a drag-and-drop interface to connect behaviors to one another to give your game functionality, as seen below. Advanced users can make use of “Textual Scripting”, which runs off of the Visual Basic programming language.GG Maker Features
  • Built-in video tutorials are available within the software
  • Custom tools for creating User Interfaces and heads-up displays.
  • Sophisticated Map Editor, which allows you to create depth, lighting, fog, weather, and more.
  • Custom audio features that allow you to modify pitch, speed, panning, and more.
  • Sprite Customization tools that allow you to create incredibly dynamic sprites for all your characters and enemies.
  • Detailed controller and input setup that allows you to create custom input controls for your game.
  • Built-in physics, which includes collision detection.
  • Built-in debugging and testing tools.

What Differences are in the Education Version?

According to the GG Maker Education Site, the Education version is intended for young students so certain explicit content has been removed such as:

  • Blood and Gore
  • Range-based weapons and guns
  • Household items that could be used as weapons. E.G: Baseball bats, crowbars, etc.
  • Graphics that could be considered related to religion or drug use
  • Swear words and foul language.

Additionally, there is an option to disable the functionality that creates assets if there are concerns about students designing inappropriate graphics or weapons.

Lastly, the academic version is available as an MSI file, which makes it easier for academic institutions to deploy the software over a network.

What Makes GG Maker Different From Other Engines?

GG Maker allows the user complete control over almost every aspect of their game. Every character, map, sound effect, light, sprite, and map you create has a plethora of options that allows you to make the most custom assets possible.

GG Maker Complete Control

Probably the most attractive feature is the graphically driven scripting environment. GG Maker allows you total control over the functionality of your game without you having to write a single line of code. This is a perfect fit for introductory programming courses because it teaches kids the fundamental logic that is used in game development and programming without them being intimidated by seemingly complex code. It is an excellent tool for teaching STEM concepts. GG Maker can also be a great tool for higher level courses because the scripting can be utilized in a textual fashion using Visual Basic. So if you are somebody who wants to learn the programming, then GG Maker offers the tools for you to do so.

Lastly, one of the most attractive features of GG Maker is the value. You get an excellent video game engine at a great prices. Single licenses start at just $59.99 making it one of the lowest priced game engines on the market. For schools, there are bundles available that offer even more savings. To find out more about bundle offerings, please visit Studica and request a quote. Saving money is one of the biggest challenges facing educational institutions. GG Maker makes this challenge easy to overcome. It’s difficult to find game engines that are this affordable.

In conclusion, GG Maker is a powerful, low-cost game development tool that will help you teach your students the fundamentals of game development and computer programming. If you’re an educator or a student, take a look at our GG Maker Academic product page and see if it’s the right fit for you!

Blogger: Mark Philipp, Application Engineer at Studica

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