July STEM Education Webinar Listings Announced

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July STEM Education Webinar Listings Announced

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It’s finally summertime! Hopefully, now you can take some time to sit back and unwind. But if you are like most educators that we know, we understand that just because the school year is over that doesn’t mean your work is. So take a moment to check out our July webinar line-up with some great ideas for next year! Studica is always looking for new ways to connect teachers with the latest classroom technology for the benefit of our students. Studica provides a series of live educational webinars that share great resources for STEM learning. We understand is can be hard to come up with ways of teaching to your students.  That is why these webinars keep it fresh, with turn-key solutions designed to engage students and make your life easier.

Explore Essential STEM Concepts

Project-Based Learning WebinarEngaging Curriculum that supports STEM Learning!
Discover how to combine standards-based curriculum with hands-on exploration and creation to enhance STEM learning for middle and high school students. Great for building your students’ understanding of key STEM concepts such as physics, robotics, energy, and power. Our webinar will discuss the STEM PREP and STEM Engineering programs that utilize a project-based learning approach. Complete with standards-based curriculum, these programs offer enough material for at least 75 academic hours. Learn about these effective and turn-key solutions, attend a complimentary webinar in July.

July 18th, Tuesday at 3 pm ET – Reserve your spot.
July 25th, Tuesday at 3 pm ET – Reserve your spot.

Introduce STEM to Young Students

Attend Elementary STEM Learning WebinarEarly learners are naturally curious and still developing essential cognitive skills. fischertechnik Education offers Introduction to STEM sets designed specifically for elementary students, grades 2-5. These sets include standards-based curriculum to bring basic STEM concepts to life for young students. Studica is excited to offer “Introduction to STEM for Elementary” webinars presented by Lance Zurek and fischertechnik Education.

July 13th,  at Thursday at 3 pm ET, Register Now
July 20th,  at Thursday at 3 pm ET, Register Now

Can’t Make It? We Can Help!

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to contact Studica for more information, we’d be happy to help. You can also visit our website for more information on the fischertechnik Introduction to STEM sets and STEM PREP and STEM Engineering sets. Plus, be sure to sign up for Studica’s email newsletters to get the latest information. (Available in USA and Canada only).


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